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We are a specialized public relations agency combining PR, digital, social and research initiatives to help businesses succeed. Our use of integrated communications strategies helps build a strong brand-value and market augmentation. We have one standard work: To make your business stand out amongst competitions. We offer the benefits and value of working with independent public relations (PR) and communications agency in India with deep rooted skills in traditional, digital and social media.

Today marketing is the driving force behind the new-age ‘Engagement era’. We understand this new phenomenon as storytelling is an essential aspect of winning. At the end, winning needs ideas that are original and provocative and.

As a full-service PR agency, we implement customized solutions specifically to our customers’ audience. We are a bunch of creative writers, designers, conversation initiators, strategists and storytellers. Through our integrated and practice solutions, we acquire deep knowledge about our clients and their businesses.

Unlike the other public relations (PR) agencies in Delhi, we believe that collaboration is the best way to achieve success in this competitive domain. Our core foundation in storytelling and creativity remains at the heart of our service offering. We are one of the youngest PR agencies in India that is consistently pushing and redefining the boundaries of PR.

Our passion, intelligence and commitment position us as the marketing and communications company built for today.

Startups PR agency

PR for Startups

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Social Media by PR agency in Delhi, India

Social Media

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PR firm for media relations

Media relations

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Popkorn Communications – bold, brave, enthusiastic and passionate

While Popkorn is known as a place with lots of smart people and out-of-the-box thinkers, what defines us is our collaborative approach. Our innovative campaigns help customers to engage and influence their key stakeholders. We help enterprises equip for crisis situations and harness social media to their advantage.

Why choose us?

  • We offer the advantages of leading-edge research, sophisticated technology and the resources to invest in growth.
  • Our team is driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that helps us serve better.
  • We bring diverse range of ideas to the table.
  • Our standout work in digital, content, creative field proves we aren’t just a PR agency but an engagement platform.
  • We create conversations between brands, business and audiences.
why us

Digital Engagement

Online PR

Our online PR program can be collaborated with search engine optimization and online conversion. Need to boost your audience level? Popkorn has the talent, experience and brains to help.

Building brand identity

Brand Management

At Popkorn, we have developed distinct methodologies for our clients to build brand identity and protect corporate reputation. We create emotional experiences that drive participation.

Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement

We are a multi-disciplinary public relations agency delivering integrated marketing concepts and solutions. By working with us, you are accessing social media giants who commit to latest social media trends.

Popkorn Edge:

We can entice your consumer to come and find you so that you get the opportunity to transcend traditional barriers of geographies, time zones and demographics and nurture virtual visibility showcasing your services or products in the most convincing way