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Archive for January 2016

Top digital marketing strategy hacks every business can benefit from

Do you regularly evaluate your website from the client perspective? Should you follow a particular timeframe to launch a new website, software solution or even a new program to improve performance? It is possible that your website has broken graphics or links that hamper your business prospects […]

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Common PR disasters every start-up should avoid

Is your start-up looking for affordable PR activities? In the absence of a big marketing budget, an entrepreneurial venture most often uses the media to create a buzz. While it can be daunting to get the word out about a small business, the good news is building […]

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How to successfully master time management in the Public Relations industry

Public Relations professionals are most often asked to manage varied tasks every day without fail under strict deadlines and deliver results. Effective time management gains prominence as multitasking lies at the core of the Public Relations industry. Clients demand only the best, most experienced account managers to […]

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Top PR trends of 2016 you can’t ignore

2015 turned out to be a great year for the marketing and communications discipline.  Referring to it as a dynamic and exciting year would be more appropriate as new technologies were able to transform the PR experiences. With the passage of time, the world of communication is […]

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