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About Us

Popkorn Communications is a specialized public relations company offering communication counsel and support to early-stage startups and recognized brands. Our team comprises of some of the best communication minds in the industry and offer unparalleled access to clients on multi-market insights, ideas and concepts.

Incepted in the year 2014, New Delhi-based Popkorn Communications focuses on working with startups and entrepreneurial ventures from across the globe. Our reputation is built on offering quality campaigns in media firms, blogs and publications.

India has fervor for entrepreneurship as several hundred enterprises come into existence every year. It is expected that by 2020, India will witness the growth of minimum 15 startups to approximately $1 billion. A Good PR helps startups to become cost-efficient and yet create robust and strategic communications for their products, brand or services. The company understands this requirement and the evolving role of PR for any startups.

In the recent times, public relations campaign has touched 15% of the advertising cost but is capable to offer nearly 10 times marketing effect of any advertising coverage. We provide 360 degree solutions and services for enterprises when it is a cumbersome task to attract editorial attention which leads to good media coverage.

Our believe

As a specialized PR agency, Popkorn was able to find the problem areas and gaps in the way brands were offered PR services. Using our insider knowledge to get in touch with the right people helps our customers’ products and services attain top place in the market.

Our offering focuses on custom and strategic PR and marketing solutions. This enhances the strike rate and helps carve a niche enabling the brand to stand out across different communication mediums such as print, online, TV and radio.

Popkorn realizes that good PR should be able to display the customer’s brand ethos. To maximize the client’s promotional investments, we believe that creating a synergy between events, promotion, advertising and marketing is essential.

As a PR company, our aim is to work across different industry domains, ensuring we face new set of challenges and are able to develop ideas, concepts.

What we do

We complement conventional public relations services along with social media consultancy services. Our solutions offer the clients expert advice on how to best use varied social media channels, developing effective video and written content.

Some of our key practices include PR, Brand promotion, online PR, Digital engagement, etc. Our deep market knowledge helps us to widen our relationships, ideas and imagination leading to the creation of a highly productive and conducive business environment for our customers. The stories created by our team helps distinguish brands and enterprises.

Why US

We are driven by the hunger to become the best PR company for startups. Our team mainly comprises of former media professionals from prominent media outlets and blogs. This helps us differentiate from other PR agencies and gives an insider view of what the media wants, resulting in higher coverage.

As an independent innovation driven PR and digital communications agency, we offer our services by listening, creating relationships and sparking conversations. We enable companies to communicate effectively in the current tough media landscapes. Our creative campaigns, out of the box ideas and media contacts help amplify brands and attain measurable results.