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Are you aware of these key DIY PR tips

RepublishingPublic Relations is a daunting and time-consuming task when you do not do it for living. Although PR is considered a powerful promotional tool but people still prefer to opt for advertising due to its ability to offer quick coverage.

There is a reason why the PR agencies exist. In some fields, PR consulting follows an approach that demands proper insight and dedication to execute solution-oriented campaigns. The marketing experts are of the belief that although everyone seems to know what PR stands for but fail to guarantee success.

So, if you do not have adequate financial resources to avail the services of a top-notch PR consulting company, here are some easy steps that will help you take charge of your PR initiatives. Marketing honchos have vouched that before considering the option to manage PR campaigns in-house, business enterprises of different shapes and sizes should access their capability before proceeding further.

Many businesses across the globe have been successful in debunking the myth that PR consulting agencies are the only viable option for bagging easy coverage. They have vouched equivocally that a DIY PR campaign can be an excellent option when you are willing to put in the hard work. However, when treated lightly, the DIY option does not bring desired results. An unplanned and unstructured campaign is likely to be ineffective. There are innumerable challenges to self-PR that is beyond a good press release and attractive pitch. Here are some DIY PR tips that will help your company to send the message at a faster pace and initiate communication.

  • What are your long-term goals

The first and most essential step is to identify what you are aiming to achieve using PR. Here are few examples of why conglomerates choose to leverage online PR –

  1.  Awareness – To draw attention to your company or the cause supported by you
  2. Boost sales – To generate new business
  3. Image building – To change the perception of the audience

When you have clarity about what you want, it will definitely help in setting a realistic target.

  • Consumer and InluencerWho are your consumers and influencers

Identify your primary targets and the sources that can influence them. Are you aiming to reconnect with the existing clients or creating inroads with the prospects? When planning to tackle PR on your own, proper execution can help save time.

According to leading PR agencies in Delhi, the most important rule of DIY PR is no business should eye to ‘swallow the ocean’ with their outreach. For example, there are businesses spending millions of dollars for availing global PR Newswire service when their audience base comprises 100-top investors based in the key Indian metros.

When moms are your target audience, share your story on mommy blogs, mother-focussed Facebook groups or on Pinterest pages.

  • Are you listening to your consumers

After you know the goals, identified the targets and understand the places where the community gathers for receiving information, it’s time to pay attention to what they say. Most businesses focus upon distributing their information but fail to realise where and who to share with. Since PR is a ‘two-way street’, it is mandatory for businesses to listen to their target audiences. Unless you know what the targets want, influencing them becomes unachievable.

When you are targeting mothers, go through the mommy focussed blogs and Pinterest articles. You should also consider subscribing to those publications followed by your target audiences.

  • Listen to consumerAre you engaging in dialogue

Initiate the process by discussing instead of just telling. Today, bombarding the consumers with information will not bring any desired result. We suggest post a comment on a story, retweet worthy content, become a part of a hashtag conversation, post a relevant question in a Q&A forum, submit a blog post, and so on.

In the recent years, many PR consulting agencies have used this form of engagement to build a sense of community.

Have you ever tried implementing your own PR campaign or generating your own publicity? Please share your experiences or DIY PR tips in the comments section.

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