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Why should your PR integrate inbound marketing tactics

Once not too long ago, public relations focussed upon sending out a message to a set of targeted consumers as an add-on to push sales and create awareness. The evolution of the Internet has propelled the shift towards digital PR. To fit the changing landscape, PR companies […]

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Content Marketing: Time to grow up?

‘Content marketing’ has gone places since it began to impact the virtual world and stands at the core of every digital marketing efforts today. Most seasoned digital practitioners and PR consulting agencies have been focusing upon and leveraging varied nuances of content marketing to maximise gain. Nowadays, […]

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How to choose social channels most suitable for your business

Did you know social media drives more than 30% of the referral traffic on the Internet and Facebook has a major pie-share of this traffic? Data plays an integral role in the growing share of social traffic. As per recent global findings, 90% entrepreneurs and small business […]

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Insight-driven creativity key to PR industry

Globalising MNCs, FDI, deregulation and competition brought in the need for companies to manage reputation to gain access to the market. Along came PR. In recent years, the industry has been at the forefront of brand reach — event management, media relations, crisis communications, social-media management, community […]

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Are you aware of these key DIY PR tips

Public Relations is a daunting and time-consuming task when you do not do it for living. Although PR is considered a powerful promotional tool but people still prefer to opt for advertising due to its ability to offer quick coverage. There is a reason why the PR […]

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