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Use of social media in crisis management: how & why

When most people think about the benefits of using social media    for businesses, they immediately focus on the marketing  advantages. However, many business enterprises are making use  of social media as a tool for listening and offering quality client  servicing.  When an emergency or crisis erupts, […]

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Online reputation management strategy: How to build it?

Brand awareness is not solely driven by media penetration and market share. The onus lies on businesses to shape the customers’ perception of them. The reputation of any brand online is also responsible for determining the conversion rates similar to search engine rankings. In this blog, we […]

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Low-cost effective marketing strategies for startups

Launching a new business can be thrilling but obviously needs a lot of research and planning. Many believe that the belief ‘start a business and reap profits’ do not work in the real world. The overnight success stories are usually the result years of hard work. In […]

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Why the Importance of Public Relations for Startups can’t be Ignored

Often dubbed as ‘free advertising’ by startups, the role played by public relations (PR) is crucial. Although, public relations has been thriving as an industry, but there are many companies that fail to comprehend the actual relevance. Nobody can deny the fact that multinationals are making it […]

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Hashtags basics: How to make it work for businesses

All of you who use Twitter must have either seen or used a hastag. But do know how and where to use it that can drive your business by significant numbers? Learning the basics of hashtags is crucial if you want to stand out in the crowd […]

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