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Content curation for PR: Are you playing by the rules?

Often described as a ‘short cut’ towards creating impactful content, content curation is an integral component of every marketer’s overall content strategy. But despite its relevance, not all marketing and PR firms truly understand what content curation encompasses and how it can complement content creation with promotion […]

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Is Public Relations aware of social advertising nitty-gritty

It has been observed that PR agencies leverage the popular combination of Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media (also famously known as the PESO model) to run campaigns for clients. While there is evidence that social advertising is treated as a separate function within a company, PR […]

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Quick steps to weather crisis situations effectively

Do you have a crisis communication plan in place to manage any fiasco in your company? Is it accessed and updated by the crisis communications team regularly or does it only exist in name? For every organisation, crisis management is a critical function. PR firms have a […]

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Leveraging Content Marketing to boost PR efforts

It’s true that PR ensures that a business puts its best foot forward and its brand identity maintains robustness across media outlets. Fortunately, content marketing shares the same goal like PR firms as it aims to engage and retain clients by curating content which is then shared […]

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How to use Instagram for PR campaigns

It’s true that Instagram is the best platform for brands at the moment. Considered as the most sought-after place for receiving constant coverage, this photo sharing app is fun and arguably the only outlet that uses images to tell a story. During its initial unveiling, the social […]

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