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Brand building through Public Relations

It’s true that no business conglomerate can function in a realm of seclusion. This is one of the reasons why competition among brands is growing at a robust scale and forcing businesses to make concerted efforts to get noticed and create a long-lasting impact on the consumers. Hence, understanding the kind of brand they are eyeing to build and using appropriate strategies accordingly assumes relevance.

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Before proceeding towards brand affinity, experts feel that businesses should find answers to questions such as – Are you aiming to achieve brand loyalty or brand affinity? What is the difference between brand loyalty and brand affinity?  Since the need of the hour demands a clear understanding, the leading PR agencies in India have been inculcating brand loyalty and brand affinity in their key service offerings to help businesses who spend billions of dollars every year to resonate with consumers.

Understanding brand loyalty and brand affinity

When we talk about brand loyalty, it focusses on the tendency of customers to continue purchasing products of the same brand instead of opting for competiting brands. Quality is one of the deciding parameters why consumers opt for a service/product. Brand affinity goes way beyond brand loyalty. Fostering brand affinity by offering engaging details help to form a personal connection with businesses. This is what brand affinity aims to achieve.

Why consumers favour a brand

There can be multiple reasons why consumers prefer to opt for a specific brand/business. Customers usually choose a brand not out of apathy or practice. Audiences opt for competing brands based on crucial parameters like a change in the merchandising style, new product packaging design or even the pricing.

Hence, it becomes all the more essential for businesses to stress on building an emotional connect to boost brand affinity. This is one of the reasons why the prominent players in the world of PR are emphasising on making businesses understand the relevance of brand loyalty and brand affinity as a lost client can lead to negative publicity. Many top public relations agencies are providing brand loyalty and brand affinity services as part of their main service offerings to help brands counter the after-effects of negative publicity as it could seriously damage a business’ image and result in brand failure.

In simple words, PR firms play a significant role in building brand image and anemotional connect with the clients that helps to forge ties. This ensures that the stress is not placed on developing brand loyalty or pushing clients to opt for purchasing. In fact, the greater focus is placed on fostering and nurturing brand affinity.

It is obvious that every business is eyeing a position which clients can relate to. In this regard, brand affinity makes top PR agencies in Indiathe complete process of setting up a trustworthy clientele base quick and effective.It also makesinfluencing audiences achievable.  But, how should a brand achieve this? We have listed out some of the key suggestions made by experts across top PR agencies in India to solve this dilemma.

  • Initiate by building a user-friendly brand

For the new visitors/prospective customers, the story experience matters as it drives lead conversions. To get a real picture of the brand, think from the perspective of the clients. Try and gather as much information about the customers as possible so that adopting a client-centric style is achievable apart from addressing their core requirements.

  • New variant should outperform the older one

A customised approach should be adopted to make the brand stand out in the midst of competition. In this regard, the customised product design can come in handy to make a quick impression and create a standout effect.

  • Maintain presence across Social Media platforms frequented by target audiences

Take active participation in conversations and be open to feedback. Promptness helps while handling client concerns. Be humane while addressing the concerns of customers. Sharing the exclusive news first with the clients instead of general media helps to build a personal rapport.

  • Offer consumers a seamless shopping experience

When it comes to representing your brand, train your staff properly so that the right -impression comes to the fore to offer customers a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Creating a touch base with the customers

All businesses, irrespective of their size and domain expertise, should aim to capture the client’s mindshare. This will ensure that when the need arises, clients think of your brand/business as the first point of contact and also help in the establishment of your product/service as the most prominent in the market. But, before proceeding with this step, businesses should maintain round the clock presence for a quick turnaround.

  • Maintaining transparency with the clients

It is an absolute must that businesses always communicate with the audiences. An honest and transparent approach helps to build trust and faith. Clients will appreciate the fact that your enterprise is concerned about their well-being.

  • Staying ahead of competition

It is crucial that you are placed ahead of competition even if you have successfully expanded your clientele base to  bag  coverage and mentions. Never allow others/peers/ competitors to hamper your brand image, loyalty and affinity.

  • Make efforts to bolster position in the already established market

Every business owner should take initiatives to understand the requirements of the audiences instead of simply focussing on selling their services/products. In fact, they should aim to resolve a problem so that clients opt for brand endorsements on their own. In this regard, using the media is the right approach as it helps to communicate about the business offerings to one’s audience.

  • Share the story of your business/brand

It is necessary that a business/brand, owner and the employees are projected as one wholesome integrated entity. The story should focus on who you are, how the business came into existence and future plans. After all, unique brand identity gets noticed.

Yes, advertising helps a brand to get recognised, but PR has the ability to build an instant connect with the target audience. It is one of the fastest ways to initiate authentic and genuine endorsements.


Brand advocacy is an evolved aspect- of PR that every business should utilise to its full potential. It can only be tapped  when a brand has been successful in meeting the client’s demand for a specific product/service.

top PR agencies in IndiaMoreover, recognizing the power of brand advocacy in the digital age should be the responsibility of every marketing professional whether working on the search marketing campaign or taking care of the customer’s display strategy. Also, a customer will become a brand advocate only when all his/her demands are successfully met.

It is not an easy task to cultivate brand advocates who are willing to share their experience with others. Leveraging this low-cost, high-return marketing strategy requires a lot of hard work to build brand affinity. Not to mention, poor branding can make or break a business in no time. Cultivating strategically-spurred positive recall value for your brand can take your business to new heights as well as cement its foundations for long-term survival.

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