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Brand makeover: Key tips to follow

rebrandingRebranding or brand repositioning is a process usually taken up by businesses/conglomerates whose role in the marketplace have transformed and evolved with time exponentially. Brand makeover aims to alter perceptions – both internal and external. Public Relations agencies in India are in favour of brand reinvention as within an organisation it helps processes improve, employees unite and deliver the brand’s promise.

Public Relations agencies in India that work on rebranding efforts for clients implement it with the intention of enhancing brand equity, boosting client acquisition, improving client retention and loyalty, to eventually heighten profitability and RoI.

PR veterans are of the opinion that when a business’ role in the marketplace has evolved and it is eyeing further improvements across metrics, brand repositioning is the best available strategy to be leveraged to its maximum potential.

  • Time for innovation

In the current marketing and communications domain, it is important for businesses to undertake an in-depth analysis of their brand reinvention strategies and reach desired targets. The market is crowded and an effective brand strategy is capable of introducing competitive positioning to an enterprise.

A brand strategy emphasises upon messages to be delivered, conveyed via images and the ability to interact. In India, Public Relations agencies increasingly stress upon the need for brand repositioning as it helps a business stay ahead of competition and create clear differentiation.

  • time-for-changeTime for change

A success-oriented rebranding campaign is much more than just uploading a new logo. Top PR agencies in India feel a brand makeover is driven by the vision that stakeholders – customers, employees and prospects – view a brand in a new light. This match has proved key in ensuring that brand promise is aligned with reality.

Brand repositioning assumes relevance in the current market as it allows conglomerates reconnect with the existing customers and tap new prospects at the same time. Hence, it is crucial that new logos and marketing materials project a unified identity easily understood by the clients.

In simple words, brands bear resemblance creatures that need constant nurturing. It becomes increasingly important for brand reputation to maintain its robustness till the promise made to the client is maintained. New age consumers get bored easily and look for constant changes, hence greater emphasis should be placed upon value generation.

  • research-mattersRelevance of ‘when to start’ and ‘when to stop’

Selecting a strategy with a central focus point is necessary for brand repositioning. It is necessary for a company to find answers to questions such as:

  • How it’s different from its competitors?
  • How it wants to project the brand among the target audience?
  • Does the existing brand position support the company’s goals and vision?
  • Is their ample fund to help brand repositioning?
  • How realistic are the targets?
  • Research matters

Understanding how the consumers and employees view the brand is important. It can be used intelligently to ensure brand-repositioning success.


Brand reinvention is treated as an exercise in introspection, where a company must understand and able to deliver on promises made. Brand repositioning can ensure a business goes a long way. At the same time, if not planned properly, it can kill too.

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