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Top Brand Positioning Strategies for Businesses to Stay Ahead

Brand positioning strategiesIt’s no secret that every successful brand goes through positioning exercises. And this is becoming all the more important, when businesses across the globe are witnessing consistent decline in brand loyalty. As creating a robust clientele base has become a complete essential for every business, the demand for good brand positioning strategies have also gained importance.

In the current business atmosphere, the Internet has given power to the audiences to decide the fate of businesses. The shift of power from businesses to consumers has transformed the conceptualisation of brand awareness strategy.

May at times, consumers surpass the brand loyalty successfully when product or services are available at lower rates. So, the big question which arises now – how to combat that?

In this article, we will take a close look at the varied brand awareness strategy tips that can do wonders for your business. Few of these ideas can be implemented right away.

Before we move on to the tips, first it is essential to understand what does brand strategy means. In simple words, a good brand strategy is responsible for defining how clients view your business/ product or services. It also helps you to stand out from the crowd. Every newly established business must have a brand strategy in place as it is pushes client retention levels. A strategy should always be developed in advance for best results.

In the next step, do some brainstorming and find answers to the below mentioned questions to know what makes your brand unique.

  • What is my business mission?
  • What are the problem areas my brand is able to resolve?
  • Are my existing clients happy with my offering?
  • Is my business able to impress the prospective clients?

Then, what should be your brand positioning strategies?

  • First and foremost, decide your brand’s values. This should be inculcated in the ‘mission statement.’
  • Find out who are your competitors. Identify their values as it will help shaping up your brand identity.
  • Creating a differentiation will help a business. As it will prove beneficial later for brand marketing.
  • Communicating your brand’s value to the customers through proven methods of communication such as effective PR campaigns, media should be your last step.

Below mentioned tips will help you develop relevant brand positioning strategies that will ensure that your business reaches right on top.

Find the USP of your brand

Deciding the unique selling proposition of a brand is necessary and also the first step towards effective brand strategy. Every brand should aim to differentiate from their peers and also push the audiences to buy from them.

A good USP should comprise of a story, have a unique angle and display the ultimate goal of the business.

Create a distinction based on quality

Making use of your brand’s product/services quality as a marketing tool is an excellent way to boost brand loyalty. If product or services are not developed keeping in mind the quality, clients will never come back to you as they will be dissatisfied. In fact, many of them will display their displeasure across varied social media platforms as well if you fail to meet their expectations.

Moreover, you can add extra details such as where the product was made, did it meet any specific regulations, materials used and more.

Give a new definition to the branding strategies

Although, not all businesses would take the risk to change the branding rules but the ones that are going for it should be confident about it. When your product has something unique to offer, show it off. Every business should aim to create space for their brand.

Add a hint of personalization to the user experience

If your product has the ability to display craftsmanship, then put it in front of the audiences. This personalized experience is what customers love. Among the varied brand promotion activities, many businesses are using the idea of custom packaging to boost the image of their brand among the customers.

Thanking the customers

Many brands are able to better position themselves when they start paying attention to the spirit of paying back. It is absolutely brilliant if you are able to share your gratitude with the clients or is thankful to the customers for choosing you.

This is a great way to position your brand that understands the needs of clients. This will ensure that you get clients for life.

Few of the other great ways are donating a part of sales to a charity or creating a loyalty program for the customers.

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Although, brand positioning is an essential task that needs to be undertaken by all growth-driven enterprises but mostly the startups face a lot of trouble to make a mark for themselves. But, worry not! So, if you have just started your business, but not sure how to attract audiences, get in touch with Popkorn Communications for brand promotion services.

  1. Brand positioning is the conceptual place you want to own in the target audience’s mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand. An effective brand positioning strategy will maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, in maximizing brand value.

  2. Brand positioning focuses on taking the most ‘appropriate’ marketing decisions at the ‘right’ time. It means that one should be asking themselves if their products/services can be utilized in ways that the competitors feel the pressure of competition.

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