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Branding: a bare necessity?

Boost brand visibilityMarketing never has the perfect product to sell or limitless resources to deploy. There’s never a perfect market and monopoly. By and large, it is an ancient practice. No brand is always sure of the audience perception and there’s always an apprehension of a ‘swing’. The swing could be positive, or negative. In a way, this creates a level-playing field. Just because you aren’t a big enterprise with global footprint doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have/create a brand presence. You don’t need to be a Pepsi or Adidas to achieve it.

Branding, well, is branding. It’s a God for all reasons of an organisation to exist and succeed.  While building brand awareness is a key element to a company’s growth, PR pundits often feel that the word ‘brand’ is misunderstood, misrepresented and misused. Even some conglomerates have ‘branded’ themselves in silos. They assign one PR agency to create their marketing campaigns and another for their website. Messaging is often not in sync, resulting in a weak connect with the clients and employees.

It’s not enough to join the ‘yelling brigade’. A brand encompasses who you are and what you stand for. Purpose is key as consumers are no longer indiscriminate shoppers or employees coming to work for just a paycheck.  Customers are more discerning today and job satisfaction is crucial for workers in this market due to the availability of multiple choices.

BrandingOnline PR experts feel that a brand is far beyond a logo or a poster, or a billboard. Branding has the ability to make or devastate a company. In other words, your brand is how you are perceived as an enterprise, product or a person. It’s as simple as that and therein lies the challenge, a monolithic one.  Businesses and PR agencies must understand that branding initiatives need an integrated, holistic approach to create a robust and meaningful brand. Moreover, a brand has the ability to evoke emotions and drive behaviour. Brand should be treated as an art that influences the viewers and help maintain consistency.

Some tips to help you perfect your brand presence.

  • See the bigger picture

Positive conditions – making consumers happy, doing good to the society – should motivate a business to establish brand presence instead of aiming to destroy the reputation of a competing brand.

When hiring a PR agency for branding services, focus upon the larger picture of uplifting your brand presence.

  • One msg to everyoneOne message for all

Yes, a business/brand can only succeed when it communicates one branding message. You should not be afraid of being niched because let’s face it, Mercedes can’t be economical and luxurious at the same time.

So, choose one message and stick to it for at least one year. Frequent change in the message can hamper the PR initiatives.

  • Use ‘right’ language

When acronyms are used in branding statement, the odds are that majority won’t understand the message and hence impact the longevity of the message. Avoid using jargons to create a long-lasting impact on the consumers and positively influence them.

  • Boost brand visibility within the company

Does everyone in your company understand the ‘brand’ message sent out by the marketing team? Everyone, top executives to the front desk employee, should know what the branding message is all about and why the company decided to go for it.

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  • Leverage the power of social media

PR agencies in Delhi, offering branding services to key conglomerates, say that successful brands are built on the end consumers’ opinion on social media and not driven by the opinion held by the companies itself. Advertising works only to an extent but word of mouth marketing is more effective. Judicious use of social media can ensure business success.

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  • Add a human touch

Messaging has reached a saturation point. A good marketing strategy should not be deprived of a human touch. Good brands are the ones that are successful in adding a level of humanness in their approach.

Suppose you have a blog and you interact with audiences (via social media like Tumblr, Facebook, forums), you have a brand. Your interaction with the audiences decides who you are, what you embody and how you treat others. If you have a harsh tone, you are rude. The list is endless.

Some parting thoughts  

Branding is driven by perception. Poor branding is harmful. Hence, take a close look, find out what works and take necessary steps to create the right settings because that is the only way of implementing any change in the world of marketing.

Tell us, have you implemented changes in your branding message to influence audiences? If so, what was the result?

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