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Building brand on Social Media

How to build brand on social media1Before the advent of Social Media, word of mouth advertising played a big role as it helped to find customers online success. Now, Social Media has made word of mouth go viral and pushed the clients to manage their brand identity successfully. A business usually aims to achieve multiple things via Social Media – sell products, bolster subscriber base, persuade followers.

Research shows that in the next five years, 71% of brands are planning to strengthen their investment in Social Media to bring on board more followers and enhance brand reputation.

Social Media branding does not focus on fancy logos, rather it is driven by simplicity. It allows you to connect directly with the existing and prospective clientele base. Market experts are of the opinion that brands that use Social Media strategies to build relationships with audiences achieve maximum success. If a business is able to successfully impress the clients, marketing becomes easy to execute. But at the same time, it is essential for enterprises to maintain a constant tone or voice across all the numerous social networking websites for best results.

In this post, we will discuss everything an organisation needs to know about making use of Social Media strategies to boost their brand presence.

  • Selection of networks that support brand image

Reports suggest that approximately 22% of people use Social Media multiple times in a day, making it the best medium to use for brand building. It is an absolute must that businesses choose platforms that support their brand image.

  1. Facebook – Since three quarters of the Facebook users are adult, it is the best platform for creating brand awareness. Considered as one of the top platforms for the promotion of virtually any brand, Facebook has a heterogeneous user base.
  2. Instagram – As it relies heavily on images, Instagram is considered as the best option for clothing enterprises and retail outlets.
  3. Google + – With over two-thirds of the network’s users being men, this platform can be used by technology companies to create an easy impact.
  4. Pinterest – Businesses engaged in jewellery and clothing sector should use this popular social networking platform to boost their women clientele base.
  5. LinkedIn – Most commonly used by business-to-business (B2B) enterprises, LinkedIn is most preferred for connecting with the corporate influencers.
  • Worthy content

A brand reputation grows stronger when a business focusses on offering share worthy content. Every organisation How to build brand on social media2should aim to create content that the viewers would like to read and not just aim to meet the publishing calendars’ deadline. Creating content for social sharing is not an easy job.  Here’s what one must keep in mind:

  1. The brand image should be supported by the content. These days, using memes as an effective brand building tool is a common phenomenon.
  2. Understanding which content bags higher visibility on the social networks is crucial. Images enjoy the ability to attract and influence better as compared to lengthy blog posts.
  3. Visual content has better visibility. Studies prove that articles/posts with images bag over 90% more viewers. On Twitter, content with images are viewed more often as compared to regular text posts.
  • Realising Influencer’s potential

Creating buzz worthy content is important. When a brand is unknown, it is most likely to go unnoticed. The strategy to bolster the audience base through content demands time.

One of the other ways is to use the industry influencers’ current audience base. Some of the possible ways of doing it are –

  1. In articles/blog posts, mention their names or cite their websites.
  2. When sharing content on your Social Media profiles, tag the influencers.
  3. Email the influencers after the content is published.

The above mentioned actions will let the influencers share your content piece with their followers.

  • Content promotion though Social Campaigns

Let’s get it straight, building brands on Social Media is one of the best options where many use paid campaigns to enhance presence.

Many brands are using Social Media campaigns like contests for effective lead generation. Businesses also offer their audience with incentives that promote user participation. Among the various Social Media benefits, brands should be able to use the one that helps them get noticed.

Although, Social Media has humungous potential, it can alienate the audiences if not utilised appropriately. This is one of the reasons why having a foolproof Social Media strategy in place is crucial for success.

When a business is able to prioritise relevant content sharing and use the Social Media influencers’ base, the brand building initiatives will pay rich dividends.

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