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Common challenges faced in mobile app development

That mobile usage among the modern-day consumers is growing at an exponential rate is a well-known fact. Apart from the hardware and operating system, new applications are being launched every day. Ranging from gaming to eCommerce and health to utilities, mobile apps have positioned themselves as essential requirements for any business enterprise. Although there are innumerable opportunities available for app developers, the competition has intensified. There’s no denying that the pitfalls are challenging as they occur during the app development process and are identified late.

Public Relations is not advertisementIt has been noticed that app development issues vary depending on the mobile platform and comprise common concerns like monetary restrictions, timing constraints and unavailability of on-time support. In fact, an app designing and development team can’t guarantee the success of an app as it encompasses unique functionalities, design and architectural considerations.

With more than a million apps available in the App store, it is difficult to get noticed. This is one of the reasons why enterprises are keen to build mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms both as blocking any one of the revenue streams is a complete no-no.
Having said that, it’s worth sparing some thought on whether opting for app development services that work across all platforms is profitable for a business or not. For instance, a gaming app is more attractive on a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. For best results, discuss the smaller nuances internally with the app designing and development team.

For the time being, let’s assume you have decided to consider all – Android, iPhone, Windows, etc. Before you decide to take the plunge, understand and review the common challenges associated with developing a customer-centric app. Ask your app designing and development team to take a quick look at our list so that you offer only the best.

User experience comes first
Giving priority to the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is crucial in app development. Every app designing and development team should ensure that inputs are taken from the end users regarding their preference to navigate or specific inclination towards the presentation of information. If necessary, set aside a separate budget and resources for carrying out consumer testing.

Since consumer adoption displays the success of an app, hence developers should do a thorough research to decide who they are aiming to target, what the audiences are expecting and their preferences.

In a similar fashion, while devising the advertising strategy, the user experience should be taken into account. When the ad placement is considered, developers need to take into account several components like screen size, screen orientation and relevance of the ad. The primary objective should be the placement of the ads in areas that engage the consumers without hampering the overall experience. Experimenting with varied ad types and placements helps understand what works and achieves the right balance.

Poor adoption and fewer downloads
With growing competition, the app stores are increasingly becoming crowded. Right from the start of the development process, app developers should have a workable business plan and marketing strategy in place. The sizes of the marketing plans vary and are dependent on multiple factors such as budget, availability of staff, logistics of the launch, etc.

App store optimisation
This comprises the development of a descriptive name for the app along with a description that is expected to match the user’s search results. For instance, a sports score monitoring app should include keywords like sports, score in the title and description. The usage of appropriate keywords is mandatory to increase the app visibility.

Visuals are key
Most of the users are keen to understand what an app does and also see the user interface visually to ensure that it meets their expectations. When an app is uploaded to the app store, ensure that the different screenshots of the essential functional points in the app are made visible to the end users.

Listing in different app stores
On the basis of the targeted user groups, listing of the app in varied app stores is important. This tactic is useful as the user adoption varies from one network to another. While some app stores are expected to provide unique promotional offers, there are many that have fewer apps listed increasing the chances of visibility.

Web page creation
Authenticating the app along with offering the users the ability to easily search for information only becomes possible with the availability of a web page. The developers should ensure that the web page is optimised for desktop and mobile usage both.

Social Media engagement
An efficient Social Media strategy is cost-efficient as compared to a conventional PR or marketing campaign. It helps companies to strengthen engagement and awareness.

Maintaining transparent approach in privacy policies & code of conduct
Since every customer is concerned about the privacy of his data, the app developers should understand the information-tracking process. Maintaining privacy can be cumbersome as app development service providers often collaborate with third party platforms.

News, news and newsWe suggest being honest with the end users and sharing all the privacy policy details comprising that from the third parties. App developers should inform the clients what data is being collected and shared along with the purpose related to it. In the existing app ecosystem, varied mobile app networks function on innumerable parameters.

The bottom line
Since the average monthly downloads of mobile apps have fallen drastically, achieving success with application development is no easy task. Experts believe that app developers should identify and mitigate the challenges during the early stages of the development so that achieving profitability isn’t a tough task.

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