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Common content marketing challenges faced by businesses: PART 1

try_hardBelieve it or not, Social Media is driving consumerism in ways never seen or experienced before. This incredible tool for sharing work is being used by brands and businesses to feed audiences with attractive content. There’s no denying that companies have an enormous amount of content to share, but understanding its purpose, place and audience base is crucial for the creation of a strategic content marketing plan that helps to meet requirements and build relationships.

It’s true that Content Marketing as a whole plays innumerable roles – creation, distribution and sharing – to bolster engagement with audiences, generate leads and improve branding apart from fulfilling varied marketing targets. Since only good content resonates with the audiences on Social Media, it becomes essential to formulate a workable content marketing strategy.

Experts are of the opinion that a Content Marketing Strategy has the potential to be the ‘guiding light’ and enact varied roles – planning, producing, promoting and measuring results. Hence, building a productive Content Marketing Strategy can actually do wonders for your business. Although, this looks like a lot of work up-front, it definitely proves beneficial in the long run.

As Content Marketers are the ones who are responsible for the image of any brand, only an efficient Content Marketing Strategy can fully utilise the varied Social Media initiatives. Many are of the popular opinion that Content Marketing and Social Media go hand in hand. Since Content Marketing is a challenging task, we will be elaborating on some tips to overcome them in the quickest possible time.

  • Inadequate resources 

Common content marketing challenges1Creating content is easy, but the toughest job is to produce ‘quality-driven’ content. Many businesses prefer to handle their own Content Marketing initiatives because they feel that nobody understands their requirements like they do.  But creating quality-focussed content is not an easy job as lack of time acts as a major hindrance and often hampers other important activities.

It is obvious that when a business doesn’t have sufficient time to create unique content, a separate budget needs to be allocated for it. Content outsourcing is an easy option but can be a risky affair, as many wrongly interpret the content as a revenue-free marketing strategy.

  • Rising competition level

It is evident that in an oversaturated marketplace, leaving an impression on the audience’s mind can’t be achieved easily. There is a fair chance that the topic you choose to write on has already been written about or discussed. It is also a known fact that attracting the audience’s attention requires a lot of hard work and creating the rightful impact through content demands quality. A good Content Marketing strategy requires well-crafted content as it has the ability to strengthen the audience base. Even when a renowned blogger publishes mediocre content, it fails to attract the target group’s attention. In simple words, every blogging platform should aim for excellence.

  • Maintaining the quality at all times

It has been noticed that some brands are able to get away despite making mistakes due to their standing in the market while, there are independent blogs and smaller publications that are consistent with the content quality.  The ever-increasing pressure to develop quality content is pushing the creation of useful, insightful and well-written content.

This is one of the reasons why businesses around the globe keep a close check on other publications to understand the overall potential of the content trends.

  • Changing trends of paid promotion

Over the years, the content landscape has undergone major changes and emphasised on the relevance of paid promotion. This is also one of the reasons why despite producing great content, attaining visibility does not come easy.

It’s true that ‘organic’ Social Media promotion still enjoys its ability to influence audiences, but new-age platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow segmentation of audiences. Increased emphasis and efforts are made to make your content visible to the right audiences.

For a short time span, focusing mainly on organic social promotion may work, but in the case of aggressive expansion, achieving targets becomes impossible. When efforts are being made to create great content, it needs to be ensured that the reach only grows manifold with time.

There are innumerable variables that help to decide the best Social Media advertising strategy for a business such as –

  • Budget
  • Demographics of the target market
  • Understanding the audiences’ Social Media consumption habits
  • Type of content
  • Compatibility with the device
  • Business outcomes

Hence, it is a good idea to go for content promotion on Social Media within a predefined budget. Realising the potential of paid content promotion on a small scale will prove helpful to judge the campaign efficiency before initiating large-scale promotion initiative. Understanding the purpose of the campaign before embarking on it is an absolute must.

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It comes as no surprise that Content Marketing is a hot trend and supports the sales process. The challenge to create winning content is not new and will continue holding relevance going ahead. We hope this post will help you address at least some of the common Content Marketing challenges relevant to your organisation.

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