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Common content marketing challenges faced by businesses: PART 2

In the digital world, marketing focusses more on reaping benefits from the short-term opportunities. While marketers love to explore varied avenues to their best advantage, dismissing Content Marketing as a short-term fad is inappropriate. In fact, it would be more appropriate to state that the importance of content marketing can’t be denied. Analysts are of the opinion that content marketing should undergo improvement to maintain relevance.

Currently, managing content efficiently has become a tough task. Since every marketer is making use of Content Marketing to grow his business, the ability to stand out amidst intense competition is a time-consuming affair.

In this post, we have attempted to address the crucial problems faced by the Content Marketers that act as a possible hindrance.

  • Efficient brand ambassador

The onus lies on the Content Marketers to align with a brand, its messaging, ethos and values to create content that is able to accomplish the goals.

A successful content marketer should know all the nuances of a brand, inside out and if needed act as an extension of a brand. He carries the responsibility of becoming an efficient brand voice while attaining established Content Marketing targets as a prospective way of facilitating the complete SEO process.

  • Strategising

The first step towards creating a tailored content plan encompasses an effective Content Marketing strategy. A Content Marketer should be able to address the below- mentioned factors that build the foundation of a customised plan –

a) Type of content to be created

b) Goal of that content

c) Intended audiences for that content

d) How will it be produced and promotedMode of Marketing

e) Mode of Marketing

f) Date of publishing

When Content Marketers regularly map out strategies that are fully tailored in accordance to a particular brand, they are better positioned to meet the customer’s overall targets.

  • Ideation

In the world of Content Marketing, creativity is important but the ability to think of an idea on behalf of your client is a prerequisite for this role. Whether the goal is to increase traffic, social visits or create brand awareness, Content Marketers will not be able to attain them until targetted content creation ideas are thoroughly explored.

Some of the easiest content ideation methods are –

  1. Developing content revolving around dates, events and seasonality in regard to particular domains
  2. Mind Mapping is most often used to find an idea based on one central theme
  3. Ideas focussed on questions such as – what, who, why, when, where and how
  4. Solution offering content
  • Audience retention

Top-notch content marketers develop and disburse content, not just to the targeted audiences but also focus on audience retention strategy throughout the complete marketing campaign programme.

Offering consistently valuable content is no cakewalk and it can only be attained by carrying out proper research into the audience requirements associated with a brand.

Understanding the audience’s behaviour and what they want, acts as a crucial factor for audience retention apart from influencing their behavioural habits.

  • Selecting the right promotion technique

The ability to select most suitable content promotion techniques that are aligned to a particular brand and industry are key elements to Content Marketing. Businesses should channelise content promotion via owned, earned and paid media groups for best results.

The responsibility lies on the content marketer to decide which channels and methods would be most suitable in meeting the overall targets.

  • Connecting with different generations

Digital media comprises an eclectic mixture of audiences from different age groups. Hence, it becomes crucial to tap into varied generations. Content Marketers should develop content that easily connects with the varied age groups and displays the expectations and values all at the same time.

Content marketers should understand that creating compelling content is different from making it consumable and share-worthy in the present competitive digital marketplace.

  • Playing the role of effective storyteller

An important part of Content Marketing is the ability to build a reach with the crucial industry influencers and then selling the idea. This can be taken care of when the Content Marketer is able to promote the unique qualities for carrying out an effective content promotion.

  • Flexibility

Despite the presence of well thought-out and customised content strategies, Content Marketers fail to create an impression on the audiences. We understand that change is inevitable, but it is the job of the Content Marketers to adapt to the changes without fail.

Want to know how a successful Content Marketer makes the most of this multifaceted role to overcome the common challenges? Speak to Content Marketing experts at Popkorn Communications, a Delhi-based PR agency. Feel free to leave a comment.

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