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Content Marketing: Time to grow up?

Growing‘Content marketing’ has gone places since it began to impact the virtual world and stands at the core of every digital marketing efforts today. Most seasoned digital practitioners and PR consulting agencies have been focusing upon and leveraging varied nuances of content marketing to maximise gain.

Nowadays, every medium of communication is influenced by content marketing, be it infographics, social posts, blogs or videos. It is interesting to note that nine out of 10 conglomerates in India are using content marketing in some capacity or the other. The clincher is that only 30% claim to have had success with it.

The solution: it is time for this marketing variant to grow up and move ahead. As most PR practitioners and industry veterans put it, “Content marketing is attaining maturity status and content is fuelling the growth of complete modern marketing engine. Brands and business should aim to position content at the core of client experience they offer.”

In the recent times, content marketing has spread its wings across different industries. It is important to realise that content deliverables offer more value when developed as long-term strategic assets. Some of the key driving forces that are responsible for pushing content to maturity are:

  • Marketing automation

Content-marketing planning and automation work hand-in-hand. A series of marketing automation platforms allow marketing professionals to set the objectives, develop in-depth personalities and more. Content is the engine of marketing automation. It is multi-faceted and can address pain points, bring real value to the customer, influence consumers from awareness to purchase.

  • Visual ImpactVisual effect

The relevance of visual impact on clients and end users has assumed great significance in the recent times. PR agencies insist that brands should experiment with digital story telling with whatever forms available to be above competition.

But then, what we ask ourselves is how to do so?

  • Be human

It is known that emotions drive emotions, so when a marketer is able to make consumers care, content will get shared automatically. 

  • Be agile

Technology is being upgraded every moment, daily; no question of leaving out marketing or PR agencies. 

  • Be prompt and ready

Every opportunity should be treated as live streaming one for maximising the impact.

  • Sensory engagement

Content should involve as many senses as possible while trying to appeal to a wider audience base. Although videos are still considered the most effective communication mediums, PR consulting agencies are beginning to push brands to experiment with recent technology advancements. Sensory-driven content boosts interaction and drive engagement with the audiences on an emotional level.

  • Data focussed

Data is ‘content’ and should not be used to measure the impact of content marketing. A content piece is often repurposed and used across social posts, blogs and infographics. Marketing professionals have been leveraging this approach for ages but the pressure today is more than before to offer more meaningful, easy to understand, highly engaging data to the consumers.


Does content marketing have long-term benefits? That’s a question raging in the world of marketing. The future of content marketing looks promising as the shift is towards sharing relevant content with the consumers wherever they are engaging. As they say content is king. We add, content is king in the science of persuasion. That’s where marketing today is heading to.

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