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Decoding the popular myths about PR

Decoding the popular myths about PRPR is driven by the aim of receiving good press, but over the years, it has garnered bad publicity as well. While for many, PR may seem simple in its functioning this is not true for those who are actively engaged in this domain. It won’t be incorrect to say that the world of Public Relations is complex and multi-faceted. It demands an understanding of the web, good writing skills and a bunch of trial-and-error methods as well. However, there are innumerable myths about PR perpetuated by the misunderstanding of the domain.

We are all exposed to the different mediums of PR on a regular basis via mediums such as TV, newspapers, magazines, radio and social media platforms. Despite the growth of this industry by leaps and bounds, business owners are plagued by some common myths about PR.

Hence, we have listed out some of these misconceptions about Public Relations so that businesses use PR more often without bias.

  • Myth: Press Releases aren’t Effective

Reality: Press Releases are effective, cost efficient and consume less time. A short and well-written press release can in fact do wonders for a business.

  • Myth: Media Outlets Snub Public Relations Agencies

Reality: Most of the ‘company news’ available in the newspapers, radio and TV are furnished by the organisations themselves in the form of a press release eyeing to promote their services, products. Media outlets aim to cover those businesses that offer information that are sure to interest the consumers.

  • Myth: Journalists/Editors Demand Favours

Reality: Yes, it’s true that personal contact with media professionals is crucial to get relevant coverage. But journalists do not demand favours for covering a story as they themselves seek relevant ideas.

  • Myth: Media Reviews reflect the factual errors in Press Releases

Reality: Media outlets and broadcast agencies usually check a press release for style, grammar and space limitations.

  • Myth: Publicity is Driven by Luck

Reality: In PR, marketing, promotion, new product introductions and selling are crucial for attaining publicity. Media contact, target market and timing are the deciding factors for a company to successfully grab requisite media attention.

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  • Myth: PR brings Quick Results

Reality: If you want the PR activities to show results, invest time. Developing a good press release and building media contacts require adequate amount of deliberation. Therefore for best results, spend a considerable amount of time to concretise your PR initiatives.

  • Myth: Good PR Minimises the Efforts of your Sales Department

Reality: Since PR is not sales, hence, it can’t generate sales. Public Relations is all about creating brand awareness and bringing credibility to a brand. PR helps in making your brand known in your target group.

  • Myth: PR Makes a Company Famous within Days

Reality: No PR agency can make an enterprise ‘famous’ within a few days. A company should expect steady growth when a PR campaign runs longer. This is also one of the reasons why PR is considered effective when the initiatives are carried out for a longer time span.

  • Myth: PR is very cheap

Reality: As PR is a full-time job, hence every organisation should consider either hiring a full-time agency or an in-house PR professional which will cost a decent amount of money if it has to be sustained on a long term basis. Having said that, PR’s reach is wider as compared to Advertising due to its ability to bring more visibility to a business and is relatively much more affordable which means even start ups can invest in it.

PR is much more than just press releases. It is also about bringing value to a brand, carrying out effective communication, building relationships with media and making pitches. It is crucial to unveil a campaign to address the common misconceptions about this industry so that organisations are more prompt to associate with PR agencies for their brands/businesses.

What can be the possible reasons for the existence of these common myths about Public Relations? You can share your viewpoints in the comments below.

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  1. A couple of these myths are unwritten rules in PR — many of which are subjective sources of angst. They are inescapable in this industry, but they are things we live with and endure. Other myths have been proven to be sources of headaches, sore thumbs and painful.

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