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An Overview on Digital Public Relations

Overview on Digital Public Relations In the past few years, public relations (PR) has undergone major changes and altered the way marketers view the services. Market experts came to the conclusion that PR cannot function independently in a silo. In fact, it came to the forefront that PR professionals should have multi-disciplinary skill sets to explore the full potential of digital public relations.

They should be capable to weave the conventional PR with varied modern day practices such as social media and advertising. They should also be positioned to work on communication challenges, core business issues and measure the outcomes.

In simple words, digital public relations (PR) has evolved but a better understanding of business, leadership, overall company functions, client requirements, economy and markets are an integral part.

Why we need digital public relations?

As technology is constantly driving our lives, most of what we do at work and at home has gone online. In this environment, professionals in the PR domain have to think beyond the traditional confinements. This assumes relevance because both written and spoken words are needed for an effective portrayal of a brand.

It is unique because of its capability to combine PR with interactive web capabilities and social media.

How is it different from conventional PR?

The fundamentals and principles are not different. The one of the most essential difference is that the new-age PR has the ability to tap larger audience base as we are not tied to traditional PR.

In the earlier times, PR used to only stress on relations with media and create press releases. But with the changing dynamics of PR, the industry understood that to enhance the audience base it is important to work beyond the offline methods.

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Digital PR understands how information is consumed and with the consistent rise in Internet usage, news can spread faster. It also uses content marketing, social media and search media optimisation to create an impact.

Approach of digital PR

Instead of adopting silo approach, this new-age PR follows a sequential approach that helps in the effective marketing of a brand.

  • What is the primary business challenge
    Instead of deciding which campaign should drive your brand, first think about the business problems you are trying to resolve using online PR services.
  • Defining success
    Get a clear picture of the goals and targets and also ensure that everyone agrees with them.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your business
    Understand your company’s assets and weaknesses so that it is possible to find out what is working in favour and what is negatively impacting the image of the business.
  • Decide the ingredients of communication mix
    When you have answers about the goals, objectives, strengths, the company will be able to develop the right campaign that will ultimately benefit the business. After all, organizations need more in this digital age.

Can it generate desired results?

Although, results are dependent on the business objectives and audience base, but success through digital PR can also be attained with the creation of interesting news stories. Finding the top tactics for taping the audience is important. We have listed out some ideas that will help the businesses to see results.

  • Find those online media houses and effective social media platforms that your target audience follows.
  • Get in touch with those bloggers and journalists active on social media who influence the readers and buyers in your domain. Give them information about your business and they will create awareness about your brand.
  • Maintain a steady presence on online forums such as blogs, LinkedIn groups. This will help you project as an expert.
  • Media releases should also offer extra content like infographics, surveys, studies, etc.

Does the future look promising?

It won’t be incorrect to say that this new approach has the potential to change the way PR functions. Creation of a brand and resolving business issues can be achieved only when digital engagement keeps on evolving with time.

  1. I feel PR has undergone tremendous change. It does not focus only on media relations and churning out press releases. But, digital PR is about combining traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search. It also pushes media to start direct conversations with the target audience online.

    In fact, news can be spread faster and directly to a specific target audience. It also helps them to maximize news seen like never before. Nowadays, social media, blogs, reviews and content can be used for sharing news but content creation as well.

  2. PR companies with digital skills are in more demand as they enjoy better understanding of digital marketing compared to marketers. Communications pros can make people to voluntarily spend time with their message and on the other hand, digital marketers have to master the skill with time.

    After all, fresh skills are essential for growth of a business.

  3. Digital has the ability to bring major changes to public relations such as

    • Permanence – No more just the one-day stories.
    • Speed – Quick response is the need of the hour.
    • Transparency – Audiences want to hear the expert opinion.
    • Scale – get placed in the hottest blogs in town.

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