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Digitisation of Public Relations – How Things are Evolving?

Digitization of Public RelationsIt is true that the digital world is witnessing rapid expansion and is hugely impacting all domains ranging from Publishing to Public Relations. The growing influence of digitisation is affecting consumer behaviour significantly.  Digitisation of Public Relations is pushing professionals to explore novel challenges and unexpected opportunities in varied forms. The changing dynamics of the digital era has been responsible for making inroads in daily life as well. Reports suggest that customers are spending more time online exploring the innumerable options provided by the digital platforms.

Digital Marketing is an Inevitable Reality

The growing use of smart phones has been responsible for captivating the minds of the customers. Nowadays, most of them prefer to opt for online purchases. The virtual world is slowly but steadily spreading its wings with the help of digital channels such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

With the increasing relevance of online mediums, the most prominent brands have displayed their steady progression towards the digital medium. It won’t be incorrect to say that the digitisation in Public Relations is forcing professionals to wake up to the reality of Digital Marketing. The digital medium has become an instant hit due to its ability to tap audiences at lower expenditures in comparison to the traditional marketing methods.

Moreover, the Digital Marketing methods have the ability to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of particular marketing initiatives quite accurately. PR agencies have realised that they can make themselves heard through this medium.

Social Media Making it Big

In Social Media, content assumes great relevance as it becomes more public focussed. The ability to connect all round the clock is making clients share their opinions without any hesitancy about varied products and services. The web has been responsible for bringing changes in the client behaviour patterns and has pushed PR enterprises to devise new ways to keep pace with the changing trends and expectations.

Hence, it becomes crucial for the PR strategists to understand the divergence in client behaviour due to the considerable shifts today as compared to the pre-Internet era. Before the advent of the Internet, marketing followed a one-dimensional approach. The scenario has undergone a massive change as Digital Marketing follows a two-dimensional approach.

Why Content Matters

Yes, it’s a fact that Digital Media has given the content creators an enhanced number of opportunities to display their skills. As Social Media has been responsible for often causing crisis, the role of efficient content creators becomes crucial.

Apart from Content, conversion rate optimisation also gains emphasis. It helps the digital marketing professionals to understand the relevance of the type of a website that has the potential to lead to a higher number of conversions.


As digital technology undergoes constant changes, the PR marketing strategies need to be reviewed on a timely basis to attain the best results. In the coming years, this shift will compel the marketers to use it wisely.

  1. Technology is responsible for creating new types of interaction between organisations and individuals through digital relations. These new digital relations(created by and negotiated through digital technologies) differ from analog relations (negotiated through the traditional media).Digital relations are more interactive and time saving. They also allow organisations to
    calibrate messages and services to the specific needs and requests of customers and citizens.

  2. Thanks to overwhelming online communication sources like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and many others there is no question that the role of a PR executive has expanded to amass far greater creativity and diversity.

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