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Easy to implement tricks newbie entrepreneurs should leverage for marketing

Build Social Media presenceIt is believed that the absence of a sufficient budget and ample resources hamper the chances of implementing success-driven marketing ideas. In such a situation, buying the communication power of a television ad isn’t possible. There’s no denying that monetary constraints have negatively impacted the business marketing goals of many companies and continue to do so.

Realising the power of Social Media as an effective marketing tool, enterprises have started leveraging it in their day to day activities. They are involved in multiple activities – posting on Twitter and Facebook, sending out newsletters, engaging with audiences, etc. Despite understanding that Social Media is crucial, most companies do not have the time to spend hours on it, which ends up impacting their business marketing planning processes.

In fact, many of them want to just run their business and do not know how to successfully initiate marketing efforts. The reasons are obvious. Marketing is a tough call and becomes harder if you are just starting out and have a million other things to take care of.

In the recent past, many businesses failed to create an impact, not due to the absence of ‘out-of-box’ ideas but the lack of effective marketing ideas. So, the big question is: what approach should a newbie marketer follow when he/she doesn’t have enough money? Don’t worry, there are plenty of relatively simple business marketing tactics that enterprises can implement and that work really well on a small budget.

These easy and quick to implement ideas will help you achieve business marketing goals without blowing your budget.

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  • Create your fan base

Yes, fans, in particular, can market any business. In fact, they are a crucial part of any company. Every enterprise looks for word of mouth that will lend support to their business marketing planning process and bolster the fan base as well. But how should ventures approach the process of building a fan base?

It is suggested that businesses connect with all those who purchase or opt for their services, and incentivise them for sharing their feedback.

  • Get in touch with bloggers and reviewers

No doubt, pitching to bloggers and reviewers can be time-consuming and tedious. Getting a nod from a blogger or getting your services/product reviewed strengthens visibility and creates a presence. Hence, it is suggested that businesses eyeing to get noticed online should approach bloggers and reviewers to create genuine awareness about their business processes/ products.

  • Build Social Media presence

Maintaining presence across the varied Social Media platforms is an absolute must when you want to market your venture in the shortest possible time. Every enterprise owner should aim to offer interesting information and if possible share a glimpse behind-the-scenes. In fact, the shared content (such as blog posts, articles, press releases) should be insightful, short and crisp.

Social Media is all about building engagement, building a fan base and networking with the audiences. Hence, it is important to maintain a presence across only those platforms that matter. Share one piece of content every day. Businesses that are able to maintain consistency are able to grow. All the above-mentioned things are achievable and can work into a schedule perfectly.

  • Initiate a newsletter

Your ‘to-do’ list must comprise a ‘newsletter’ as it helps a business to maintain a constant presence in front of the audiences. This old idea is one of the easiest ways to continue the conversation with clients. It is not possible to ensure that all your audiences view your Social Media updates, but when clients are subscribed to a newsletter, they are informed about the recent happenings in a timely fashion.

No business house is expected to become a marketing machine, but should initiate such efforts to achieve success.

  • Say yes to instructional videos

In the long run, video content acts as an asset. Getting professional YouTube video produced can be costly and time-consuming. If you do not want to hire a professional, go for online video tutorials and do it yourself.

  • Create your own Infographics

Yes, they are considered as powerful marketing tools. They offer a great visual treat apart from being easy to understand and share. They boost referral traffic as well. If you find it challenging to hire a designer, select from widely available free templates and customise them in accordance with your business marketing planning process.

  • Reuse the old data

Working on a tight marketing budget is a common occurrence. If you are not in a position to create new content, we suggest infusing life into the data which is already available online. Look for data studies, statistics etc. available readily on the Internet. Search for a study that matches with your domain, audiences’ interest and that is not used by competitors. Based on the displayed data, create your own charts and predictions. Do remember to cite the resources.

  • Prompt use of LinkedIn

Do not use this major Social Media site just for the purpose of building a network or adding new contacts. LinkedIn should be used for joining groups, initiating conversation with connections and content sharing as well. Since LinkedIn is abuzz with varied activities, leveraging it for content promotion, idea sharing and brand building is an excellent idea.

  • Go for a client referral program

Providing the customers (the existing ones) a free product, a free month of service or rewarding them for referring new clients can be made part of the customer referral program. Word-of-mouth has the ability to attain desired business marketing goals.

  • Engage in email marketingEngage in email marketing

It is a great way to enhance the new visitor count and successfully maintain relations with the existing ones.

Many business owners are offering bonus content insights to those new website visitors who sign up for the newsletter. Nurturing the prospects via email can come in handy until they become part of the existing customer base.

Did we miss out on any of your favourite marketing tactics? Please share your insightful ideas in the comments section below.

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