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Effective ways to improve lead generation practices with PR

Generate-LeadsMany of us often ask if PR has the ability to generate the right type of clientele leads. The answer is yes. The ability to master the skill to generate earned media articles in the quality publications is crucial in PR. PR practitioners and brand marketers are in fact often called upon to play the role of lead generators.

So, are you keen to increase conversion rates of the leads with the aim to help the marketing team? Here, we have listed out a few of the best and most common practices used by businesses to increase conversion rates.

Public Relations always focus on influencing the clients. This is also one of the reasons why PR is considered as an effective tool to bring improvement in lead generation. Believe it or not, but these below mentioned PR tactics can surely help any business to generate more qualified leads.

  • Editorial outreach

It is considered as one of the most commonly used PR technique for generating leads. People will surely take notice of you when your enterprise, products, services, management team receive a mention in the media publications. Editorial coverage boosts immediate website traffic. Apart from improving lead generation practices, editorial placements have the ability to increase conversion rates. Earned media presents businesses with third party endorsements.

  • Bolstering shelf life of Earned Media

The ability to bag a mention in a famous media outlet offers an instant push to the image of any brand. The below mentioned steps can help any enterprise to generate mileage from the editorial coverage.

a) Sharing the media placement via varied Social Media platforms. Every business needs to ensure linking back to their media outlet on Facebook, or making use of their Twitter account. This step will make sure that capitalising on the existing fans and followers becomes problem free.

b) Repurposing of the news coverage in different marketing collateral, sales materials and customer newsletters.

c) Appropriate display of the major media placements at events such as trade shows and conferences.

  • Press Releases

Generate-Leads2Press Releases are consistently being utilised as a tool to generate leads from the target audiences. When a Press Release is issued speaking about a new product launch, it offers a direct opportunity to the clients to get navigated to your website to opt for a purchase or even find out details about your offering. Press Releases do not just focus on bolstering media exposure, but they enjoy the ability to push relevant action like white paper downloads, demo requests, etc.

Many say that Press Releases are considered to be cost efficient as compared to other lead generation marketing initiatives. They provide direct access to the audiences through innumerable channels and come with built in analytics.

  • Events participation

There are innumerable ways to become part of an event. Your enterprise can play the role of a brand sponsor for any event. Depending on the integration level, the enterprise signage could appear across the event. Even the logo and a URL link could be placed on the event’s website increasing the chances to disburse materials or even display your product or services at the event. All these activities help brands to connect with prospective clients.

So, are you using PR tactics for generating quality leads? How often do you use PR as part of your overall marketing strategy? Please share your comments below.

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