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Hottest PR strategies of 2016 every business should practice

Hand drawing business strategy concepts with chalkPR professionals play an integral part in the marketing mix of a business. Widescale advancements in technology have considerably shifted how companies think, act and communicate. The growth in blockable, opt-out-able advertising and integrated campaigns has propelled PR agencies to play a supporting role, even take to the centre-stage.

It doesn’t matter if you are a digital believer or diehard follower of traditional PR practices the shift in perception was inevitable. To keep abreast with the times and imperatives, here are the four must-dos in PR and marketing every business should embrace at the earliest.

  • InfluencerBuild partnership with influencers

Press coverage, endorsements and word-of-mouth have long emphasised on one essential marketing tactic: third-party endorsement. Irrespective of the target market, one of the easiest ways a business can bag credibility is to have key influencers tell others why a product or services are preferable above others.

With the growth of self-publishing and social platforms, brands can collaborate with individuals whose published content enjoys enhanced visibility. PR agencies are of the opinion that ‘influencers’ are impactful content creators when they decide to connect with the audiences via images, tweets, videos, etc.

Only when an influencer’s content style is aligned with the audience and respected by a brand, content partnerships become achievable and can further be treated as a key PR and marketing tool.

  • Focus WhyFocus on ‘why’

In the world of technology, brands are consistently and closely under the consumer scanner. Thanks to social media and technology advancement, businesses can’t hide their ‘inefficiencies’ or ‘gaps’ howsoever they may try. PR professionals feel that it is a challenge, and opportunity at the same time, for businesses to decide and implement core values that help to add a ‘human’ angle and make a product or service  more ‘relate-able’ and relevant to the target audience.

In a recently concluded study, it was found that 58% of the Gen Y consumers opt for those brands that enjoy good online presence, while 43% prefer to choose authenticity over content. Every business owner should craft a thoughtful ‘why’ behind their enterprise. A business will be able to appeal to the public when the purpose is the focus instead of profit.

The concept is simple: ‘Brand love’ only exists when customers are satisfied with the product/ service. Many define brand love as a reward for a job well executed and promise kept.

  • Meaningful content

It has been found that native advertising and sponsored posts allow businesses to develop rich user-focussed, thumb-stopping content that tell a story instead of a sales pitch. Since it is not possible to ensure mass viewership because of the numerousity of choices, it is necessary for businesses to ensure only ‘quality’ and informative content is served. Ranging from responsive video series to interactivity-driven social media campaigns, businesses should follow a customised approach while creating online content, say PR agencies.

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  • Exclusivity for conventional press

Today’s digital world, commuter papers, trade journals, dailies and broadcast shows offer third-party credibility. PR consulting agencies actively engaged in strategy ideation are of the opinion that a mass press release isn’t of much help while aspiring to feature in a national daily.

Public Relations professionals are of the opinion that every brand encompasses of varied layers, hence identify the right audiences to tell your story.


Although use of tools has undergone a considerable change, the core principle that motivates audience to appreciate a service, brand or product continues to be the same. At the end of the day, it’s all about driving brand loyalty. Although digital realm may appear technical to few, human emotions remain a major driver.

In the last decade, the market has changed dramatically. Hence, businesses that fail to adapt and understand the clients’ needs are in danger of being cast aside by the customers. With modern technology altering the way consumers engage in buying, the power truly sits with them, thus important that brands keep them loyal.

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