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How Public Relations will look like by 2020

brand-storytellingA majority of PR professionals feel public relations as a domain will undergo a major transformation in the coming few years. Apart from its existing capacity, the role of a public relations agency is expected to evolve into one that works beyond the realms of publicity and media outreach.

Realising that Public Relations as a service domain will grow at a rapid pace, the newfound duties of PR practitioners are likely to entail the below-mentioned points.

  • PR Engineering

A Public relations agency alone can’t ensure strategic positioning and personification of a firm.

PR engineering is believed to be more focussed on accuracy due to its implied inclusion of skills mandatory to develop and publish owned media, strategic management of earned media, events, influencer marketing.

  • public-interestPublic Interest

The sources for news and content is multiplying on daily basis. The job of the communications professionals will focus upon identifying and composing compelling narratives for businesses/ brands. It is relevant to follow discerning approach towards how to tap the target audience attention and interest. Leading PR agencies in India are hoping that by 2020 content variants will undergo drastic and dramatic alterations.

  • Brand storytelling

While the core functioning of a public relations agency (i.e. to develop an effective story) will continue to thrive, it is likely that the platforms will transform, audiences will move and the medium of communications will evolve. It’s true that audiences connect with compelling stories – be it long or short, funny or dramatic.

  • Enact the role of brand experiences

With regard to the modern day client, one of the most important things that come to the forefront is their desire for businesses to move beyond expectations. They look for brands that are able to offer them value. By 2020, the public relations agencies will successfully make the transition from managing PR to brand experience that will take client engagement to a new level.

  • Relationship intelligence

Marketing mavericks are of the opinion that PR practitioners will give high priority to relationship intelligence. The PR pros will be required to know, seek and promote word-of-mouth conversations online through peers and digital influencers.

  • Communications-driven by strategy

As the PR domain are evolving at a rapid pace and influencing the way communication is changing, the top public relations agencies are not emphasising upon the tactics, instead eyeing achievement of business targets and adoption of a strategic approach that will entail right communications mix to achieve targets.

  • Relationship building with public

Although the end target of PR is to tap the target audience, yet issuing press releases and bagging the right news exposure won’t be the focus area. The PR success in 2020 will be dependent upon relationship created with audiences across varied marketing channels, offline and online both.


PR set for an overhaul by 2020. The industry as a whole will embrace new technologies and incorporate information into essential decision-making processes. As data will drive the overall growth of the industry, PR practitioners will be better motivated to innovate, think bigger and act bolder than ever. By 2020, it will become easier for PR domain to show off the enormous value it offers.

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