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How to build a career in public relations

career in public relationsKick starting a career in Public Relations is a tough journey for new professionals keen to establish their foothold in the industry. To build a career in Public Relations requires a lot of hard work as the job market is fiercely competitive. With numerous graduates applying for open positions across the Public Relations domain, it is essential that organisations raise their standards and expectations of the employees who constitute their PR teams. It won‘t be incorrect to state that a robust communications team is crucial for the successful development and maintenance of a brand’s image.

From the management of media relations to identifying the latest business opportunities and enhancing brand awareness, building a PR team is an essential component for all enterprises eyeing to develop a notable reputation.  Most enterprises are looking for the ideal PR candidate who can effectively strategise, execute and attain results and want to build a career in Public Relations.


Professionals or students keen to build a career in Public Relations should possess a dynamic combination of verbal and written communication, a keen understanding of the media and the ability to work in close co-ordination with it, as well as an eye for detail apart from the deep knowledge of society and public at large.

According to a recent study, a PR career ranks among the most popular choices for graduates across the globe. Experts state that the career development opportunities are abundant in this domain. 

Although, every PR agency follows their own promotion pattern; on completing the initial training program, a graduate should expect the following career progression.

Working in-house

  • PR or communications assistant
  • Senior PR or communications officer
  • PR or communications manager
  • Head or director of PR or communications

Working in a consultancy

  • Junior Account executive
  • Account executive
  • Senior account executive or account manager
  • Associate or account director
  • Head of a particular specialism or a partner

Students planning to pursue a career in the PR industry should do the following:

  • Consider pursuing a major in English, Journalism, Communications or marketing.
  • Start a blog of their own on a specific topic of interest
  • Bolster writing/communication credentials by being associated with campus newspapers, magazines and local TV stations.
  • Consider working as a PR coordinator for campus organisations or NGOs.
  • Consider working part-time in the college’s media relations/communications department, sports information office, admissions, events or alumni affairs offices.
  • Work in positions where one is in charge of organising fashion shows, concerts and other events.
  • Do internships with PR agencies, communication departments, media outlets and marketing enterprise. One can also consider internship opportunities with domestic and international companies.
  • Join PR groups (online and offline both) to get a better understanding about the field, find mentors and internship opportunities.
  • Kick start one’s career with a post-graduate internship.

A PR practitioner should be a critical thinker to get a better understanding of issues, nurture the best creative possibilities and give tough competition to their peers. In this way, they will be able to stay ahead of the game and also add real value to the enterprise they choose to work for.

In this age of social networking and digital communication, improved communication methods are bringing tremendous changes every single day. A PR professional’s work is connected with building reputation, efficient relationships and conducting two-way communication.

So, if you love being spontaneous and crave excitement, PR is the best career for you.


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