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How to choose social channels most suitable for your business

Audience PreferencesDid you know social media drives more than 30% of the referral traffic on the Internet and Facebook has a major pie-share of this traffic? Data plays an integral role in the growing share of social traffic. As per recent global findings, 90% entrepreneurs and small business owners enjoy Facebook presence, while 70% businesses use Twitter regularly to capture consumers’ attention.

Online PR and marketing industry have been focusing on social media strategy by taking it back to basics. Marketing honchos are of the belief that it is time to maximise the full potential of ‘underused’ social channels such as LinkedIn and Pinterest.

According to a recent survey by PR consulting agencies, approximately 59% of the LinkedIn users do not use Twitter and over 20% are not inclined to use Facebook despite its growing popularity. Startling, isn’t it? Brands with robust engagements on visual channels post multiple times in a day, the survey found. This is logical. Selecting a social network is dependent on multiple factors – nature of the business, consumers’ preferences and targets.

Leading PR consulting agencies are of the opinion that 2015 was a ‘socially’ relevant year for businesses as many enhanced their social media expenditure and social time spends to as much as 16-20 hours in a week.

Realising that social media has a huge impact, we bring you a step-by-step easy and quick methods that will come in handy to identify channels/networks that can make your business stand out amid tough competition and offer the best ROI.

Let’s begin.

Measuring marketStep 1: Recognise your audience and develop marketing personas accordingly

Every marketing plan is created based on the audience profile – age, gender, interests, education, location, job, income and much more.

When a brand has a clear picture of the audience, creating an appealing business profile is easy. Once you decide to empathise with them, building relationships that can convert the consumers into trustworthy followers become achievable.

Brand personality is responsible in deciding the voice, hence set a tone that humanises your brand and eventually delights the consumers.

After you’ve nailed your social brand personality and audience personas, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Know where your audience spend time

Now, you can identify online platforms where your audiences spend their maximum time. When you are building a social presence, it is crucial to connect with action-focussed consumers. In this regard, leveraging niche social channels such as Snapchat, SlideShare, LinkedIn and YouTube requires less monetary support as compared to Facebook.

Since niche networks demonstrate qualities like higher ownership and lower competition, developing a passion-driven and emotionally connected audience base become possible.

PR professionals feel it is crucial for all brands to identify social platforms that are most profitable on an hourly basis.

Step 3: Are you monitoring your competition

If your competitor is grabbing eyeballs and online traffic, it means they have identified profitable social channels that work for their brand. It is necessary for businesses to identify the key assets – awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, loyalty – that are essential for its existence.

Step 4: Why you must build your tribe

When you have implemented steps 1, 2 and 3, it becomes easy for you to identify the target consumers, craft brand personality and select social channels that work best in your favour. Meeting your audience requirement is important so that they know about the brand.

If a business ensures active presence on the selected social channels, only then the fan base/following grows with time. When you are keen to stand out from your competition, achieve a balance between non-promotional and promotional content.

Marketing personalities stress on the relevance of posting inspirational graphics and educational content to strengthen social bond and elevate a business’ overall reach.

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Step 5: Are you measuring your marketing results

Best of the PR agencies in India emphasise on the relevance of conventional marketing wisdom and the role of experimentation to get desired results. After collecting data based on your marketing initiatives, tweak your strategy accordingly.

Since social media is a great resource to connect with the worldwide users, brands should aim to take the conversation from social media to the website landing pages. Although having a clear pathway for bringing clients on board is the key to success, the challenge is identifying those lucrative platforms that bear fruit.

Got that! All the best! Get cracking! Check how many social channels you are using for marketing your business and which ones give you the best ROI so far?

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