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How to create Effective Social Media Strategy

Effective Social Media StrategyBelieve it or not, Social Media is one of the most powerful tools for the marketing department of an organisation. When used appropriately, it has the potential to create a robust personal connection with potential clients in the easiest way. Although, Social Media has undergone tremendous changes over the years, it is still considered as the ‘fun’ place for brands that can impact any business’ bottom line. In simple words, Social Media needs to work in close co-ordination with the rest of your business for best results. But, many marketing professionals fail to utilise Social Media to its full potential in the absence of a clear plan, leading to a PR disaster.

Hence, every business organisation should build a clear Social Media strategy that focusses on the goals, customers and competitors.

Are you facing problems to make Social Media work in favour of your business and do you have the ‘right’ Social Media strategy for your organisation? After all, Social Media is challenging as it keeps on evolving consistently.

Here are a few easy steps that will help you get started and make an impact in the shortest time possible.

Does Your Organisation have Goals?

Having a plan in place is important for attaining success. So, what are you aiming for? It can be anything ranging from growing your community, enhancing engagement or even promoting a new service offering. Creating an achievable timeline for attaining targets is an important aspect of the business. Be patient and never compromise on quality as it will take time to create a large group of loyal followers.

Who Are You Targeting?

It is always better to know everything about your clients – who are they? What are their preferences? It is a great way to create a buzz and carry out modifications as per the requirement of the audiences.

What are the Relevant Channels?

Never aim to become a ‘jack of all trades’. Always concentrate on one or two channels that meet your business’ social media strategy target.  Facebook is the best place for sharing your brand story and Twitter should be used when you want to maintain a consistent flow of content about your business.

Should you Post Often?

The frequency of the posts should be dependent on the ‘platform’ selected to carry out the Social Media initiatives. While, once a day posting works best on Facebook, on the other hand Twitter should be used if you are interested in frequent posting. Always remember that posting should only happen if you have something important to say.

What Type of Content should one post?

The content type is solely dependent on the platform selected for boosting your Social Media presence and bolstering brand credibility. Facebook should comprise of an image/video along with a link. Creating a visual treat on Twitter is difficult due to the word constraint.

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Does Building a Community help?

In regard to Social Media, always remember that quality is more important than quantity. Spend time to build an engaging community. To make things work, use relevant hashtags, share content on LinkedIn groups and follow industry influencers.

How ‘social’ are you on Social Media?

Thanks to Social Media, now audiences can connect with businesses quickly. Brands can integrate after sales service as part of their strategy. Involving the audiences in the decision making process proves helpful to bolster loyalty and attention.

Are you using Social Media for lead generation?

Social Media is a great way to boost your lead generation. It helps you to find potential clients and direct them to your website.

Are you measuring the Success of your Strategy?

Measuring the success is crucial to understand what works for your brand. Data analysis is a common phenomenon these days. After all, finding the right ingredient and differentiating it in accordance to your business makes the target achievable.

Are you Giving Time to your Strategy?

Building a strategy needs time. Hence, don’t take shortcuts, be patient and spend time to understand what will help your business attain greater heights.

Most often, Social Media strategies fail due to reasons like absence of brand consistency, poor content quality and more. They are able to display results only when executed correctly. Every strategy is unique to a company, brand or even product.

To get the right guidance, you can avail the services of PR agencies that are engaged in the creation of Social Media strategies for businesses, brands and organisations.

  1. Everyone makes it sound so easy. Post a few times on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and the traffic will pour in.In reality, it’s not easy. And like with anything else, you need to spend some time learning how to do it properly.

    With the change in times, it has become evident that Social Media can’t live in a silo and must be work in tandem with the rest of the business strategy.

  2. A good social media strategy will benefit your business in many ways:

    more traffic
    relationship building
    better customer satisfaction/retention
    better customer service

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