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How to successfully master time management in the Public Relations industry

Public Relations professionals are most often asked to manage varied tasks every day without fail under strict deadlines and deliver results. Effective time management gains prominence as multitasking lies at the core of the Public Relations industry. Clients demand only the best, most experienced account managers to work for them.  But no matter how good one is, there’s never enough time to manage everything as most PR practitioners are handling innumerable tasks. Time management is daunting for PR practitioners as they are dictated by deadlines, clients and innumerable external forces.

So, what’s the solution for PR agencies and account managers? Though it is impossible to avoid the last-minute things that come up inevitably, there are certain strategies one should follow to ensure maximum productivity in the PR industry. Many of you have faced that moment where more than half of the day at work has gone by and yet, most tasks remain incomplete.

It’s time that you follow some quick tips to tame the time management beast and accomplish your goals on time. Believe it or not, the top PR agencies in India are following these tips to practise good time management.

  • Identify a system that suits you

There are varied ways to undertake the systematic organisation of your work, responsibilities and time. Selecting a system that works in favour of you will ensure on-time task completion.

Many top PR agencies in India have been pushing the use of calendars and checklists among its employees to help prioritise work.

  • Do it correctly the first time

Many of the PR professionals spend a considerable portion of their work day in revisions. Getting it right the first time and finishing your tasks will help in meeting deadlines on time. It is important to ask questions before commencing any assignment for better clarity. Identifying effective ways will help to save time and accomplish tasks.

  • Understand priorities Understanding priorities

When working on varied accounts and coordinating with a number of supervisors, communication is crucial. Communicate project status regularly to bring flexibility in meeting deadlines. It is not recommended to challenge assignments, but do voice your opinion as and when required.

  • Curb distractions

Mobile phones are great to stay connected but they can negatively impact the efficiency levels. During work hours, it is best to keep your cell phones switched off so that maintaining focus is easy. Sending out an email twice or committing spelling errors is inexcusable.

  • Ask for help Ask for help

Instead of wasting time to write an impressive media pitch, it is always better to ask your colleagues for help. Sometimes, it is important to take lessons from someone who has already done it.

Most of the PR companies in India have to work on multiple aspects such as customer relation management, strengthening of media relations, staying updated with the latest happenings and more. Completing all these tasks can be cumbersome and time-consuming as well.

  • Make intelligent use of technology 
    Intelligent use of technology

Technology, when used intelligently, can be great. Having the Internet at your fingertips offers great benefits. Reports suggest that the usage of key search engines by the top PR companies in India has gone up considerably in the last five years. There’s no denying that the Internet is the fastest medium to find information. Other devices such as mobile phones, iPads, etc can be used as well to save time.

Do you have any other tips to tackle the crucial issue of time management? We would love to hear them.

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