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How to use Instagram for PR campaigns

Instagram for PRIt’s true that Instagram is the best platform for brands at the moment. Considered as the most sought-after place for receiving constant coverage, this photo sharing app is fun and arguably the only outlet that uses images to tell a story. During its initial unveiling, the social media tool was popular primarily among the millennials. With its emerging popularity however, Instagram has been immensely successful in positioning itself as the visual branding tool of choice for businesses today.

Since its launch in 2010, the reach of Instagram has been growing at a staggering rate. Known for its varied photographic effects that can stylise and enhance photographs before posting them on a public platform instantly, it is most frequented by the likes of celebrities, online influencers, teens, Gen X and more to engage with like-minded audiences. Since the evolution of digital PR and its need to tap every social media forum to increase its outreach, Instagram has earned attention from this domain as well to market brands using its myriad features and clout.

Reports suggest that all prominent business houses, educational institutions, and non–profit organisations are leveraging Instagram as part of their branding and PR campaigns to boost their online audience base. In fact, many PR firms have extended their service offering and included Instagram branding initiatives to help clients boost their online presence.

In terms of engagement, Instagram stands on top as compared to other social platforms. This is one of the reasons why top PR agencies are tapping it to make companies, businesses and celebrities interact with audiences on a regular basis.

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Why Instagram works for PR

According to PR agencies, the Instagram app offers businesses the ability to convey a message or idea using an image, which is visually more appealing as compared to a blog post. The fun app helps a brand to strengthen its emotional bond with consumers and allows engagement as well. When a company is able to interact with its users, it creates networking opportunities online. Moreover, photos are able to reveal the personal side of any business and bring out human emotions better compared to written text.

Is your business Instagram-friendly

Instagram is suitable for those enterprises and brands with a robust visual appeal. Off late, the PR service providers in India have been promoting the use of Instagram among its fashion and beauty clientele. Since visual appeal runs high on this outlet, Instagram has emerged as an influential force in the fashion industry. Media practitioners associated with the PR companies are of the belief that Instagram is not just a ‘gimmick’ to be used only during events or fashion weeks to build noise, but is in fact an important part of any fashion brand’s social strategy.

Instagram is the first point of contact for fashion retailers. According to a recent report, Instagram drives over 95% of the engagement (likes, comments, shares) on social media. Since it has become a a one stop destination for audiences, industry news, offering support in design conceptualisation as well as bolstering client engagement, PR companies are emphasising upon the significance of Instagram more than ever.

Besides the fashion industry, Instagram is considered as hashtag heaven for food companies as well. Many successful brands rampantly use Instagram for constant visual marketing. To maintain a cohesive branded theme, striking the right balance between product images, contests and reposts is important. In the past few years, PR firms have bolstered the use of paid media to implement specific campaigns and repurpose user-generated content.

Instagram, when utilised efficiently, is beneficial to all businesses. This photo app can be treated as a highly targeted, visual marketing channel for any online business eyeing to stand out and create an impression on the audiences.

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TipsQuick tips for leveraging Instagram for PR

The below-mentioned tips will help you get started and use this social platform to promote your brand online successfully:

  • Always fill out the complete profile information so that other users clearly know who you are and what you do.
  • Before initiating or implementing any campaign, think carefully how you plan to move ahead with the brand promotion activities on Instagram and what type of message you want to convey through the photos.
  • Be ready to play the role of a curator on Instagram. You should know which photos will push audiences to engage with your brand.
  • Be prompt in clicking photos, comprising product pictures and if necessary, behind-the-scenes company shots.
  • Use hashtags so that your posts are visible to those who share a similar interest.
  • Beef up your out-of-the-box thinking skills to engage audiences. Using a contest for your fans or posting business event photos will help a business to express visually.
  • It is an absolute must for all businesses to ensure that they maintain a regular posting schedule otherwise your audiences will lose interest.
  • Building engagement by liking the photos of others will help to build a rapport with other users. After all, social media is all about building connections.


Believe it or not, visual storytelling is huge. Not surprisingly then, in the coming years, brands are expected to run their campaigns solely on platforms like Instagram.

So, are you using Instagram to support your PR initiatives? Please share your opinion in the comments section.

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