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A look at the Importance of Media Relations in an Organization

Importance of Media RelationsMany say that online media is responsible for revolutionising the public relations (PR) domain, but at the same time the importance of media relations continue to remain vital.

So, what does media relations stand for? It comprises liasing directly with the people creating news. Hence, the ultimate target is to enhance the positive coverage in media without shelling out money for it directly via advertising.

Presently, the challenges of liasing with the media is finding out what exactly the media is looking for and helping them to give images, ideas and also details in the most appropriate manner. Everybody knows that news media cannot be controlled as they are the ultimate decision maker about the angle of any story.

It has been found that most companies fail to understand the difference between media relations and direct forms of advertising or even marketing. Media relations stresses on third party endorsements of the product, service, firm or a particular individual and then using the third part to disseminate the information to the target audiences.

Experts state that the importance of media relations can’t be avoided. In fact, it comes with varied advantages as compared to advertising.

Why media relations assume importance for a business?

  • Positive news coverage offers higher credibility as compared to paid advertising.
  • The cost of coverage in media is lower in comparison to the advertising cost.
  • Third party endorsement is a good idea to establish the reputation of an organization.
  • It allows the press to give business coverage so that the audiences get to know about the company’s products, services. It also helps companies in building their brand presence using media.
  • Businesses need it to maintain long term relationships with the media professionals so that they are able to bag advantages in the future.
  • When a company maintains good relationship with the journalist, it becomes easy to pitch them for coverage.
  • One of the most essential aspects of getting press coverage via robust media relations campaigns is that you are able to build more control and reinforce the brand image that you are aiming to create through advertising and marketing.

But, getting media coverage is not an easy job as competition is growing with every passing day. Hence, the role of media relations services is to make the coverage of a firm attractive.

In this age of enhanced accountability, the interrelationship between efficient media relations, top rated corporate reputation and sales performance has become very prominent. Good media relations have the ability to arouse interest in your target audience.

So, if you have not thought about improving your image through media relations yet, then it is time to think about it. There are many PR agencies that can help improve your brand image. But, before selecting any public relations agency, understand their service offering first so that they can be utilized in the best possible way.

  1. Media relations is all about creating the ‘right’connection to enhance the overall image of a brand or a business. Despite being a big part of the public relations domain, it is more focused on the public eye of the things.

    Experts are of the opinion that when a company aims to attain sustainable growth, media relations become very important. Advertisements, TV interviews are all part of media relations.

    Like PR, businesses should opt for media relations as well so that they are projected in the right light.

  2. Excellent media relations helps improve the image of a company considerably. The reality is that it focuses not just on simple promotion or marketing initiatives, but it also comprise of projecting the company at different events, group connections, social media, blogs, inner connections, and more designed for accomplishing the best exposure.

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