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Important things businesses should know before hiring a PR agency

hiring-a-pr-agencyHave you launched your business and all set to share the story beyond your friend circle? Or have you initiated promotion of your brand and reached the conclusion that pitching, scheduling, tracking media etc (the list is endless), is a humungous responsibility and demands bigger undertaking?

Planning to take help from the professionals? PR agencies are a great resource (yes, they are) for first-time entrepreneurs and businesses as they can handle multiple things efficiently – identify the right media outlets/journalists to get in touch with, media influencers who can help in brand building, initiate data-driven social campaigns etc.

Marketing honchos feel that PR firms stand at the top of the customer touch point funnel. As marketing demands, every business should be able to connect with the potential clientele base number of times before they decide to opt for their services/products. Although there are different ways of implementing it, PR is one of the most powerful amongst them. When implemented properly, a PR consulting agency is capable of touching different prospects successfully in the world of media every single day.

Since PR professionals usually outnumber journalists, it is not wise to ignore the impact PR agencies, and more importantly, the businesses they represent have on media. Also, there’s no denying that PR pros are able to create noise for the journalists.

In simple words, PR is not at all easy and it does not bring quick results. Hence, it is advised that instead of hiring a single publicist, it is better to hire a team of PR professionals or a top-notch PR agency. After all, Public Relations is not just about getting the name of your business in the print publication. It is rather an integral, strategy-oriented measurable part of a marketing program.

A business owner will be able to make the most from the PR efforts when he/she have clearly defined goals before bringing on board a professional.

So in response to the question of “When is it the right time to start PR?”, expert advises businesses to follow the following tips before hiring a specialised firm.

  • quality-will-always-matterQuality will always matter

Believe it or not, quantity is never more important than quality. When you are planning to share your story with the media outlets, you want to stress upon securing the mentions and interviews that will help you get noticed and connect with the target audience.

A result-oriented and dedicated PR agency will work in close coordination with you so that your business bags only meaningful interviews and the bottom line is not impacted.

  •  Relevance of the team

PR agencies always assign a team for every client, so there are chances you will be working with different people. First and foremost, identify who will be your point of contact as it will help to streamline the complete communications process. You should also ensure that the PR team encompasses an industry expert who enjoys a robust relationship with the media professional and influencers whom you are trying to tap.

Develop a clear understanding of the social media resources that can be leveraged for your business. It assumes relevance for ensuring long-term success of PR campaigns.

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  •  Measurement of targets/goals achieved

Every PR campaign should be measurable. It is only achievable via analytics. A PR agency should be able to offer reports (daily, weekly or monthly) that offers a comprehensive picture of how the media is representing your brand in front of the audiences.

  • Payment

To avail PR services, most agencies follow a monthly retainer model. It is key that before you agree to a fee, understand how you will be charged, how your success will be tracked etc. Nobody wants to be charged for three-quarters for a campaign, only to find out later that they have been charged double only to complete the project.


We are not claiming that these tips will make the process less tough but it will surely prepare you for the process of collaborating with the best agency in the market. We are here to help you choose only the best.

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