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Insight-driven creativity key to PR industry

insight creativityGlobalising MNCs, FDI, deregulation and competition brought in the need for companies to manage reputation to gain access to the market. Along came PR. In recent years, the industry has been at the forefront of brand reach — event management, media relations, crisis communications, social-media management, community management, SEO and much more. Although businesses are increasingly turning to PR consulting agencies to come up with winning ideas, communicators have not particularly leveraged creativity.

Experts are of the opinion that creativity is treated as a mere buzzword by PR agencies with little understanding of what it actually means and how to leverage it.

Since brand-building demands creative bent of mind, online PR should pursue the role of storytellers and biographers. In fact, creativity in PR should focus upon developing an engaging story and aim to serve a purpose. Originality is the key of a PR campaign wanting to reach the end user via the most important influencer stakeholder – the media.

Today the PR consulting agencies should look beyond offering releases and build curiosity among the target group as well as other stakeholders. Since the market is continually evolving, differentiated approach is not only apt but also the need. The solution?  Creativity.

A recent study points out that over 80% online PR professionals feel digital revolution has played a major role in making creativity an integral part of the domain. We see conglomerates increasingly deciding to collaborate with PR agencies that have a high creativity quotient rather than a superior delivery process.

As the new age customers are defining their objectives and benchmarks clearer than before, PR agencies need to introspect and device a more thoughtful and inclusive approach towards campaign development. While industry insiders continue to debate the relevance of creativity in PR, experts lay emphasis on the outcome.

Since creativity can spell RoI for a business, we recommend a list for all PR personnel to consider:

  • Identify creative talent within and outside your team/organisation and keep a lookout for partnership opportunities
  • Create an environment conducive to creativity
  • Maintain an overall positive approach and sensitivity to execute ideas
  • Spend time to understand functioning of creative processes to generate ideas – Often, customisation become imperative
  • Engage in research for insights
  • Analyse case studies for value-add information and draw inspiration for  workable ideas
  • Stay updated with the times, developments and trends
  • Ensure idea-driven campaigns – A responsible and innovation-focussed narrative has the ability to boost a brand’s positioning
  • Include visuals in your campaign to maintain audience interest
  • Take calculated risks, dream big and do opt to experiment to closely know for what the audience desires
  • Create messages in accordance with the requirements of consumers; channelise these with  effective modes of communication


These characteristic traits are simple and known to everyone but are often overlooked. There is no denying that creativity stands at the core of success and can play a key role in ensuring target achievement.

The onus lies with the PR players to educate the customers about efficient communication management, as Public Relations is responsible for enacting different roles – idea generation, program development and content creation.

PR players that are unable to realise the relevance of creative capabilities will perish.

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