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Key content marketing trends that will dominate 2017

As we are winding up the year 2016, varied enterprises have initiated the process of creating their content marketing budgets. Over the year, the market has undergone a dramatic transformation. Once dominated by those who were able to create the largest volume of content, it has now been replaced by the diversity of content formats along and the capability to build engagement with the audience across a variety of platforms.

While leading PR agencies are of the opinion that creating a digital proposal comprising content marketing can be a daunting task, the need for a focussed and result-driven robust strategy is more important than it’s ever been. To some, it may appear putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle with pieces from different boxes.

Since content marketing is expected to become bigger in the coming year, it is time for businesses to enhance your return on investment (RoI) and dominate the market by using the key content marketing trends for this year.

  • Mobile-friendly content


For a content marketer, a mobile friendly and responsive website doesn’t count much. Content marketing is all about offering content to the audience, irrespective of their position and place. Over the years, spending on smartphones have been on a constant increase; online content strategy should emphasise upon the mobile marketplace, feel public relations agencies in India.

Is your content easy to understand and can be navigated across mobile devices? If not, the target audience won’t agree to switch screens as they would prefer to look for other relevant options.

When a business fails to boost client experience, it will lower the relevance of a business.

  • Relevance of interactive content


Time and attention are key for content that we decide to go through, watch or even choose to listen. In the current setting, the average attention span has touched an all-time low. The marketing pros are required to identify creativity driven ways to develop interesting content. It is believed to be one of the best ways a brand can entice the target readers.

A recent study proves that over 80% of the marketing professionals vouch for interactivity-driven content to catch audience attention as compared to static content.

Leading PR agencies in India are of the opinion that the audience looks for varied avenues to feel engaged while consuming content. More businesses and brands are initiating interactivity-focussed content by leveraging different relevant mediums – quizzes, assessments, contests etc.

  • Native advertising


It has been defined as a form of advertising that does not adversely impact the user experience and provides useful information in a format that resembles other content on a website. For example, a banner ad. This way, you ensure a higher number of users to engage.

PR firms are of the opinion that the use of AdBlock tools is rising as the audience decides to opt for an improved online user experience. This is where native ads come into play. It lets brands to make relevant use of storytelling skills to develop quality content that helps connect with the new audience/prospects without affecting the natural user experience.

The parting words

As note-worthy developments are occurring across the content marketing domain, businesses should evolve strategies accordingly. It is key to realise that content marketing is a wide industry. Instead of aiming to adopt all the necessary trends, it is a wise decision to excel in some before moving forward.

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