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Leveraging Content Marketing to boost PR efforts

content marketing - PR firmIt’s true that PR ensures that a business puts its best foot forward and its brand identity maintains robustness across media outlets. Fortunately, content marketing shares the same goal like PR firms as it aims to engage and retain clients by curating content which is then shared across mobile and social media.

Why content marketing matters for PR agencies

Among online marketers, the phrase ‘Content is king’ has been successful in generating a significant amount of buzz.  Although over the years content has been able to position itself as an essential marketing ingredient, the point is that it follows a different approach as compared to the other areas of marketing such as social media.

Since a targeted approach is of utmost importance to build relations with prospects/existing customers, that’s where content marketing comes in handy and proves to be beneficial.

Content marketing focusses upon the robust use of inbound marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) with the aim to offer consumers real solutions and not gimmicks in record time.

According to a recently concluded digital marketing research, more than half of the clients use a smartphone or other mobile device to approach a business enterprise. This research reinforces the fact that more customers are using the mobile these days to engage and connect with businesses from anywhere, anytime.

From the standpoint of content marketing and PR agencies, this ‘kind’ of connectivity is advantageous and offers relevant growth opportunities.

How Media has evolved and changed

In the past decade, conventional news media has undergone a major transformation and witnessed a facelift. Within a matter of days, millions of audiences started accessing news and local businesses started leveraging new media to stay updated instead of using newspapers, magazines and television. These alterations impacted content marketing and highlighted the fact that content in fact ‘will always’ be king.

Today, new media is powerful as the value of an advertising campaign going viral, use of social media to share the brand image, focussing upon the power of bloggers and highlighting the attention on brand parallels are indeed surpassing the usefulness of traditional media.

Like it or not, content has successfully emerged as the core currency for strengthening relationships with the clients and also catalysing the type of earned media that can make a business profitable.

Self-publishing is crucial for success

Content marketing is considered as a serious business by companies as the hiring of copywriters, media practitioners, and editorial staff is on the rise to bolster the efficiency of an in-housing publishing team.

Business owners are no more oblivious to the growing relevance of content and are eyeing opportunities to expand their presence in the untapped markets by embracing new tactics. In fact, a targeted approach is being widely adopted that helps in retaining clients who are keen to associate with a business/brand.  It would be appropriate to say that the targets of a PR agency and content marketing are aligned with each other.

Prompt to accept the changing client attitude

New media talks about how the client behaviour has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past five years and continues to rapidly change.

Does this mean something for the business conglomerates? Currently, new media follows a collaborative process in comparison to traditional media. Nowadays, consumers gather information related to deals from social media and hence expect quick reciprocation.

The top PR agencies in India are of the belief that the mindset of consumers has changed and they are looking for proactive participation of brands in ways that were non-existent just a decade ago.

Enhanced connectivity and the fact that customers are today expected to share content digitally and opt for better engagement with social media means those business owners who are successful at PR are opting for co-creation of content to get noticed.

Quick and effective ways to optimise content marketing

It is absolutely necessary for companies to understand that increased participation of the consumers is able to widen the spectrum of PR.

  • Enhanced emphasis upon PR

The leading PR agencies in India have undergone considerable changes in the past few years. In simple words, the definition of PR and how the domain functions have changed as well. Now, the focus of PR has shifted towards partnering with audiences and integrating with media channels to offer one streamlined message.

Today corporate content can widen its reach than before as PR firms are open to the idea of adopting newer ways in which brand influencers and new media consumers are doing business.

  • Be your own boss

Instead of choosing to work with third-party media, today content marketing lets a business use shared and earned media for attaining easy success.

It is important for enterprises to realise that today PR is all about working in close coordination with the customers and adopting a proactive approach towards content marketing for achieving desired ROI.

Is it possible for businesses to blend their content marketing strategy with PR?

Just ask yourself these below-mentioned key questions and we guarantee that your business is set for success.

  • Is your company’s media expertise being utilised to its full potential?
  • Are you following the keyword strategy in your articles/content posts/blogs?
  • How often do you measure the effect of your PR strategies?

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Jointly, content marketing and public relations offer an unbeatable combination. It is time for PR agencies to look beyond earned media and understand how integration with content marketing can greatly impact the bottom line business goals.

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