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Marketing Automation benefits: Are you aware of them?

Marketing Automation benefits_350x350 (1)It’s true that marketing is the lifeline of most businesses these days. Even if you are offering breakthrough service/products, if your target clients are unaware of it, then there are chances that your business won’t be able to create an impact on the audiences. There’s no denying that businesses are witnessing cut-throat competition in today’s time and the marketing landscape is in a perennial state of one-upmanship. In such a situation, data management via marketing automation technology comes with the proven benefits of helping the marketing team, eyeing to keep their brands at the forefront of their clients’ minds.

Although, marketing automation is creating waves across varied business domains, utilising it to its full potential is not everyone’s forte. The good news is marketing automation has witnessed rapid and widespread adoption despite its complex nature.  Experts have stated that improved lead management is one of the most important marketing automation benefits.

What is Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a set of tactics that allows enterprises to purchase and nurture potential clients with the help of personalised content. It has the ability to enhance the clientele base and increase the happiness quotient of the clients both at the same time. It would be more appropriate to state that the benefits of marketing automation are undeniably plenty as it can generate a considerable amount of revenue for enterprises and also offer high return on investment.

In simpler words, Marketing Automation can streamline and simplify the time consuming responsibilities of the modern marketing and sales functions. It is driven by the concept of simplifying a business by carrying out a series of tasks like automating the lead qualification process, developing a hub for the digital campaign creation and more.

Understanding the Marketing automation benefits in-depth

It allows organisations with limited staff resources to carry out tough campaigns successfully and manage their time in an effective manner. Marketing Automation helps businesses to efficiently attain their goals apart from helping the big enterprises to connect with their clients making use of a personalised approach.

  • Productivity

One of the most essential functions of Marketing Automation is that it can simplify the day-to-day organisational and marketing tasks. Apart from bolstering the productivity levels, it helps marketing professionals to focus on crucial tasks that demand strict monitoring.

  • Workflow automation

It’s no secret that a successful marketing campaign should comprise assets such as forms, call-to-action and conversion pages. An automated workflow has the ability to bring all these together.

When carrying out manual performing of repetitive tasks, human error can come in the way. Marketing Automation can systemise varied essential activities, processes and documentation that propagate smoother marketing workflow. The more advanced software platforms encompass the automation of internal marketing processes like budgeting and planning, approval, workplace partnership and also other related processes.

  • Channel agnosticism

As Marketing Automation channels can be used in varied marketing platforms, which comprise email, SEO, CRM tools and Social Media, they are termed ‘channel-agnostic’. The platform can function as a centralised hub for different marketing activities, making the life of marketing professionals hassle-free.

  • Revenue enhancement

Although making investment in marketing automation can be expensive, the benefits are enormous. In fact, when properly used, it has the ability to justify the upfront investment.

Statistics suggest –

  1. B2B marketers with lead-nurturing programs posted a nearly 20% surge in sales opportunities from the nurtured leads.
  2. Almost 78% of the high performing marketers are of the opinion that marketing automation is an important contributor to the enhanced revenue level.
  3. More than 80% of the most profitable businesses used marketing automation in their day-to-day operations.
  • Client retention levels

For enterprises to witness consistent growth, a balance between client acquisition and retention is of utmost importance. Bringing on board new clients is believed to be an expensive affair as compared to maintaining the existing clients.

One of the efficient uses of marketing automation is client retention. It helps to bag relevant insights into the client intent. With the availability of this information, organisations are better positioned to understand the client requirements and take necessary steps in accordance with it.

  • Relationship marketing

This form of marketing focusses on attaining high client satisfaction scores, ensuring high retention rates. Clients’ lasting relationships with a specific brand helps to attain repeat sales and engage in word-of-mouth promotion.

Marketing Automation helps businesses to personalise their relationships with their existing clients, prospects, making use of the relevant strategies that comprise lead qualification, nurturing, campaigns, analysis of the digital footprints, lead scoring models and also focus on sales and marketing alignment.

  • Tracking and monitoring of the marketing campaigns

Deciding the success rate of any marketing campaign requires the support of measurable data.  It helps to track the marketing expenditures, and monitor responses to marketing campaigns based on parameters like success or failure.


Marketing Automation helps in client profiling and data management capabilities that enable businesses to meet market needs.  Successful client acquisition, conversion and retention are important elements of a holistic marketing strategy that enjoys support from automation solutions.

  1. I completely agree that marketing automation benefits are innumerable. Marketing automation allows businesses to reach each one of their unique clients. Instead of manually segmenting customers based on their needs and preferences, marketing automation solutions helps to create restrictions.

  2. I believe that marketing automation has the ability to make the most of the staff resources. An automated solution ensures that a single staff member can execute tough campaigns apart from connecting with customers. Marketing automation helps to take a marketing activity to an ultra-targeted level.

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