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Modernisation of PR: Why bettering workflow matters?

pr-tipsAny enterprise looking for relevant growth opportunities must consider change as an ingredient. Industry verticals should not deny its importance and readily accept it. Without change, there is fear of losing the competitive edge and failing to meet the customer’s ever-evolving demands. Change is the only constant and inevitable in the current business environment.

While most see ‘change’ as the evolution of corporate innovation, PR treats it as the new normal. According to MyNewsDesk survey, approximately 85% of the communication pros feel their roles have expanded as the SoWs have undergone a major transformation. There’s a shift towards acquiring new skills. In other words, PR firms are fast adapting to the latest advancements to help businesses and clients achieve their goals.

The big question is: Does improving the PR workflow comprise a key part of this change?

While experts are of the opinion that PR firms would be irrelevant if they failed to embrace new models and technologies, PFA a guide would come in handy for PR consulting agencies to analyse their workflows and determine the gaps, scope of improvement and possible solutions.

  • Ability to visualise your work

Improvement and understanding go hand in hand. PR professionals should document their present state before initiating workflow modernisation. It would be a mistake to limit efforts to only the senior management. Implementation of a collaborative workflow mapping can prove beneficial in this regard.

  • Measure progress

Workflow mapping will display all the work that needs to be done but it doesn’t give a clear picture of the area that needs to be improved. Hence to uncover that, it is important to keep track of the development. It is crucial to have an overview of the work done and the work that needs to be done in the near future.

It is believed that when a PR firm is able to identify the bottlenecks, it becomes possible to achieve results. To maintain the value of your work, it is essential to maintain the happiness quotient of the stakeholders and customers.

  • Small project assignments to agile teams

It is key to understand that the compilation of the agile team will play an integral role in the workflow improvement. Always start small. Invite teams to undertake test assumptions on pilot and low-risk projects to drive efficiency. It is advised that regular check-ins will help keep a close watch on the progress made and get rid of the loopholes at the earliest.

  • Go for automation and technology

It’s true that the use of technology can ensure that the tasks are simplified. When choosing a software, the ease of usability should be taken into account. Before selecting a vendor, it is key to ask for a product tour.

  • Constant Learning culture

Industry insiders believe that workflow improvement for PR firms demands consistent effort. It is important to have daily show-and-tell opportunities for the project implementation teams to share a clear picture of the learning curve. It is also mandatory to document the changes and implement new ones to train the workforce accordingly.


Lack of digital understanding and funds are top reasons why most PR firms do not prefer to invest in reengineering their agency models.

There’s no denying that it is a challenging task to keep up with the latest trends with the communication becoming a choicest profession. Since everyone is keen to get a piece of the pie, it becomes essential for PR agencies to focus on skill enhancement and bolster offerings.

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