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Online reputation management strategy: How to build it?

Online-reputationBrand awareness is not solely driven by media penetration and market share. The onus lies on businesses to shape the customers’ perception of them. The reputation of any brand online is also responsible for determining the conversion rates similar to search engine rankings. In this blog, we will explore how online reputation management strategy can help improve the bottom line of an organisation.

It won‘t be wrong to say that the reputation of a company is one of its most important assets. Hence, if it gets tarnished, an enterprise can lose clients, sales, partners, employees and investment as well. It is definitely worth emphasising that businesses should pay complete attention to their online reputation for effective brand promotion.

  • Business success is driven by online reputation

It is obvious that every brand/business wants to become synonymous in their clients’ minds with the product/service they offer. While companies are spending large sums of money on advertising and marketing for improved positioning, reputation can set your brand apart from the competitors and also boost revenue growth.

Nowadays, ‘word-of-mouth’ enjoys global prominence. Online review sites, blogs, and social media are pushing the clients to learn about varied brands and finding out what other users feel about them. Offering top-class client experiences drive conversion, but now there are multiple opportunities that add value for prospective clients without impacting the revenue.

  • Reviews are emerging as new frontiers

Online reviews offer a neutral opinion. Clients focus on them – at times basing their buying decision on those reviews.

Customers foray into the marketplace looking for what they want, but when presented with varied offers, the need for social validation pushes them to online reviews. These days, clients need information they can rely upon.

A good marketing strategy that compels the clients to the landing page of a company’s website is just the start. It is when you are able to push the discussion about a brand towards trust and reliability, that you can boost your clientele base. 

  • Enhancing the reputation level

It is a challenging task to push customers to review your product/services and display the brand strategy right where it gets noticed.

The truth is dissatisfied customers will promptly display their disappointment compared to the satisfied clients. A well-crafted reputation management strategy will boost the positive reviews.

Feedback forms and surveys are great for online businesses to record reviews. Negative reviews help in bringing legitimacy to a brand/business’ page.

  • Reputation management can be automated

The whole process can be a tough task at first go but the good news is it can be streamlined. Varied tools are available for keeping track of the feedback, follow ups and converting the feedback into online reviews.

It is important for businesses to identify their competition and stay ahead of them. This will help in retaining loyal clients who can play a crucial role in creating brand awareness, a function they can do absolutely free.


So, if you are not yet accustomed to the concept of reputation management, availing the services of a public relations agency can help you stay ahead of your competitors and maximise your ROI.

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  1. Your company’s reputation is its most important asset. If it’s tarnished, you can lose customers, sales, employees and partners.Many businesses don’t pay full attention to their online reputation—how good (or bad) they look in online searches.

    The key to protecting your brand, according to online reputation management experts, is to be proactive, optimize your content appropriately, monitor your search results regularly, be ready to spring into action if something negative shows up and, above all, be realistic about the outcome of your efforts.

    With more and more consumers and customers turning online to share what they think of a particular brand or company it has become increasingly difficult to capture everything that is being shared.

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