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Personalised marketing: Dynamic and powerful

Personalised marketingEveryone loves that feeling of being recognised, welcomed and treated as an individual. Consumers feel ‘special’ when a business enterprise remembers their birthdays or anniversaries and decides to offer something extra for the occasion. There’s no denying that that ‘personal touch’ helps accomplish different goals for a brand at once, while successfully combating few of the toughest challenges in modern online marketing.

Personalised marketing is believed to be fast emerging and representing a new way of thinking that has the ability to permanently transform the media approach adopted by businesses. The Public Relations domain, which relies heavily on marketing tactics to create a buzz about brands, has promptly adopted the personalised approach to help clients standout despite facing tough competition.

Top PR companies in India feel that a ‘personalised’ approach results in revenue gains and higher engagement. Believe it or not, personalised marketing has grown by leaps and bounds due to its ability to deliver mature solutions. With more brands making persuasive attempts to connect with consumers on an emotional level, the personalised approach has become a preferred option to reach out to the masses.

In simple words, this new age marketing tactic has the ability to reach different consumers using creative messages. Businesses using a personalised approach can customise their execution- based on factors such as demographics, interests, location, buying history, relations forged with consumers etc.

Definition of personalised marketing

This targeted form of marketing aims to create messages for individual consumers and is most sought after by PR agencies in India that are engaged in brand building activities. Most often, an automated process is used to develop individual and personalised marketing messages.

Apart from customised promotions, this marketing variant can be applied to products leveraging a configuration system that allows clients to select specifications for products/services they are expected to opt for. PR agencies in India have been found to be using a personalised marketing approach so that businesses are able to boost sales by offering what the consumers really want.

The reason for businesses to pursue personalisation is simple. Research states that over 80% of consumers look for unique content when they plan to connect with a brand. Personalised communications based on client behaviour, recommendations, and past purchases is a common occurrence. In fact, nowadays PR firms have been rampantly using social mining tactics to deliver personalised content recommendations to businesses.

Moreover, it reduces the noise around a marketing message and helps it to evolve based on client interactions. In the digital marketing domain, using personalisation to develop a customer-centric marketing message has become the norm of the day. This focus is valued by clients whootherwise get overwhelmed by content, product and service information they are constantly bombarded with.

Get NoticedBenefits of the personalised approach

A recent study suggested that although over 75% of marketers feel that personalised marketing bolsters client engagement significantly translating into higher conversions, only a mere 19% marketers use this form of marketing on a regular basis.

Some of the advantages of personalisation are –

  • Client retention – This approach makes it easy to enhance recurring conversions, advocacy, and retention. Research proves that post-purchase loyalty programmes that included personalised offers pushed consumers to opt for a repeat purchase.
  • Conversions – Personalisation can bolster conversions. Most businesses have witnessed a significant rise in visitors and a revenue jump once they decided to use this client-centric approach.
  • Push to marketing – It is believed that a predictive personalised experience helps brands to get noticed by audiences. A personal touch offers better customer experience and helps improve marketing efforts as well.

ConversionsThe rise of the Internet and social media has made it easy for consumers to evaluate brands. Hence, it is crucial for leading PR agencies to follow a customer-focussed approach to ensure client satisfaction.


With companies/businesses constantly jostling to get their message heard, personalised marketing makes result-driven brand interaction a reality. Since it benefits the audiences and brands both, it becomes important to adopt this approach such as using a different communication mode that goes beyond convention. With client expectations rapidly changing, it means brands should also keep pace and avoid being stereotypical. In fact, some of the real value comes from the ability to reach the right people using the right creative, across channels.

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