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Public Relations does work for Educational Agencies

Educational public relations is a planned and systematic management function to help improve the programs and services of an educational organization. It relies on a comprehensive two-way communications process involving both internal and external publics, with a goal of stimulating a better understanding of the role, objectives, accomplishments and needs of the organization. Educational public relations programs assist in interpreting public attitudes, identify and help shape policies and procedures in the public interest, and carry on involvement and information activities which earn public understanding and support. School communication needs have increased dramatically and become more complex. A school district needs any of the many professional PR agencies to develop and execute its communication plans through both print/electronic media and face-to-face communication, and to handle relations with the multitude of media that call school districts weekly.

Public Relations does work for Educational Agencies

A school district needs professional school PR agencies to publicize the positive news about student/staff achievement and programs, and to develop a coordinated proactive, rather than reactive, approach that anticipates problems before they develop. If there is no positive communication from the school district, the critics’ voices are the only ones that will be heard. From what in the past was mostly written communication, to a greatly increased need for face-to-face communication with the many publics in your community. A school district needs a professional school PR person to schedule community relations programming, orientations, breakfasts, and open houses, to build informed support and solid community relationships. An Education PR agency can have a profound impact on how the school has been perceived and how the school can get a better intake of students and how they can make the image of their school stand out from the rest and make their school better than the rest.
PR for Schools is getting the right word out

Public Relations does work for Educational Agencies2


Getting started is often difficult and techniques to make individuals like board members and superintendents look good. All Public relations needs to be in the public’s interest. It needs to be grounded in solid two-way communication techniques and used as a vehicle to build trust, confidence and support for doing the best for all children in our schools. School systems and schools have a Public Responsibility to tell parents how the schools are spending their money, and seeking their insight on helping the school district deliver high quality and an efficient educational program. The public has a right to know and be engaged in their schools. And they need someone in the schools trained in communication so they can get clear answers and guidance on how to work with their schools. Sometimes these new positions are split with other duties for the school system such as foundation coordinator, grants or policy writer, community education specialist and partnership coordinator. Eventually, the position evolves into a full-time position because the need for more public relations grows when key leaders see the worth and value the public relations function brings to the school system or agency.


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