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Quick Ways to Augment eCommerce Conversion Rates

These days, accessing client data isn’t tough. Thanks to the easy availability of free tools such as Google Analytics, attaining insights into where the traffic is coming from and what visitors are interested in can be reviewed easily.

It is hard to believe, but nearly 80% of the online retailers are not keen to use analytics and don’t feel the urge to track crucial actions such as conversion rates for understanding buyer behaviour.

A recent study states that 53% of the businesses spend below 5% of their overall marketing budget on conversion optimisation. Believe it or not, 35% of the businesses have a conversion rate of below 1%. These statistics prove that there are businesses that do not focus on eCommerce conversion rates.
Experts are of the opinion that proceeding with the testing without analytics brings unsatisfactory results. Research shows that online businesses use analytics only to measure traffic. We feel that online merchants should promptly use analytics to bolster the conversion rates in the shortest possible time as it allows them to dig deeper and create personalised shopping experiences for the customers.

Do the Google algorithm updates, growing competition and the rising cost of paid searches give you sleepless nights? Looking for opportunities to enhance your online sales? With over 95% of the eCommerce budget being spent on driving clients to the website, it is important to convert these visitors into paying clients. Hence, a poorly optimised page will only drive away the visitors, wasting the investment made in lead generation activities. Moreover, a poor performing landing page can hamper the search rankings of a business as well.

From responsive website design to the optimisation of the transactional emails, we throw light on some of the commonly committed mistakes so that online retailers are able to convert visitors into customers.

It’s true that there is a considerable chunk of eCommerce websites that are facing tough times to make conversions. Since the overall performance of any enterprise, irrespective of its size, is dependent on conversions, it can be a cause of worry for the business owner. Here are few of the common issues that deserve your attention-
eCommerce ConversioneCommerce Solutions• Poor User Interface – Many eCommerce businesses fail to make conversions due to reasons such as bad user interface, fonts, colours or even the location of ‘call to action’ buttons.

• Slow loading pages – Page loading time is a crucial part of any website’s user experience. A good website should comprise features like better aesthetic designs, latest functionality, top notch content and page loading time.

• No reviews – Reviews and client testimonials are considered as one of the most effective ways to influence the buying decision of consumers. Without the availability of any product reviews, clients may not prefer to buy or opt for your services.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are many other reasons why customers do not display keenness on making purchases from a specific eCommerce business. Probably your competitor has a better offer or maybe your product quality fails to meet the customer expectations. Whatever the case is, our list will tell you how to dig deeper into your analytics and use that data to create personalised shopping experiences for your customers. Our in-house experts guarantee that the implementation of these methods will help online businesses to leapfrog competition in client retention.

Most importantly, the conversion rates and revenue will witness considerable improvements as well

• Live Chat is key
If your eCommerce website gets traffic, use a Live Chat tool as it is will offer the fastest return on your investment. Ranging from inquiries to upgrades, billing to delivery, returns to email capture, Live chat is an excellent tool that can improve conversions and boost client satisfaction as well.

• Videos, videos and videos
Videos mean higher conversions and ROI. In fact, these days more customers are looking for videos while making their purchasing decision. If you have budget constraints, use your iPhone to shoot a video.

• Responsive design matters
Love it or hate it, a responsive website will help ensure your online survival. Apart from making your website look good, this is important for mobile audiences because mobile is where the action is.

• Responsive navigation/menu needs attention
We suggest choosing the best menu option for your responsive website. Although, the ‘three line menu’ is a popular approach, there are a range of other options available as well. Also, focus on including those items in the menu which are absolutely necessary as a mobile website faces space crunch. Always think mobile when designing a website.

• Faster website
Yes, it’s true that websites that open faster sell more. If you have an eCommerce store, do not go for cheap web hosting. Speeding up the front end of your website should not be avoided. A virtual or even a dedicated server guarantees speed improvement.

• Build engagement via Home page
The concept of the homepage has evolved a lot in the past few years. Nowadays, more eCommerce stores are using the homepage for engaging with clients by finding out their value proposition to attain high conversions.

• Strategic placement of security badges
Unnecessary raising of security concerns can impact the conversions significantly. Although, a well-known security badge can enhance conversion, there are instances where it impacted the conversion levels negatively. Hence, a good testing programme that focusses on positioning and frequency of the badge ensures guaranteed surge in conversion.

• Optimisation of category pages
It is important that eCommerce businesses understand the need to optimise category pages along with the individual product pages as it influences the conversion rates. Reports suggest that listing of products in a grid view or a list view can impact the conversion rates.

• Choose product images wisely
The logic is simple, a poor image leads to loss of sale and an attractive image can have a considerable impact on the conversion rates. We suggest getting rid of those cheesy stock images for maximising impact on the clients.

• Efficient Checkout pages
Since two-thirds of the purchases are left at the checkout, eCommerce stores should understand that this section demands attention. Some of the quick ways to lower abandonment is via streamlining the checkout process, save shopping cart, email follow up, etc. The crux of the matter is that the checkout page should be user-friendly.

eCommerce Conversion isn’t tough if the right tactics are adopted. Did we miss any of your favourite tips to improve eCommerce conversion? You can share your opinion in the comments section below.

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