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Relevance of the role of media in public relations

Role of media in public relationsIn the current market scenario, both media and public relations (PR) have been found to be closely intertwined. But, it doesn’t mean that the role of media in public relations is static in any way.

As we move further to examine the changing relationship between media and public relations, it was found that technology played a major role in effecting PR with passage of time.

With the way digital media is pushing the limits of traditional media such as newspaper, many feel that print media may become obsolete and greatly affect the relationship between media and PR. There are others who claim that although online media has been successful in revolutionizing public relations domain, but the traditional media skills can’t be avoided completely.

Key industry players are of the opinion that the importance of expertise in conventional media is also essential as understanding of news agenda and what will work in favour of different media outlets will never go out of fashion. Hence, the traditional skills assume relevance because although media relations are evolving but the basic principles are still the same.

Media role in PR

Understanding the power of media relations, the skills required for efficient media relations are nearly the same as the one needed for powerful PR. The basic aim is to communicate a message.

In fact, the most important changes have taken place as the Internet and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs have bought considerable changes in the relationship between the public and those communicating with them. The process, that usually used to go one way, has now adopted a two-way approach and follows a conversation style.

This is one of the reasons why the importance of media in public relations has only enhanced with time. The relationship shared between media and PR is symbiotic and complex. Media is used as a vehicle for carrying the PR messages. In the absence of media, PR domain won’t be able to carry out credible communication with the public.

As PR can’t survive without media, in turn media is dependent on PR to provide content either to fill column space or air time.

So, are you still wondering how a company can integrate media with public relations? Instead of just endlessly waiting for the media outlets to write their story, companies are instead choosing the social media to share those stories. Here we have listed out varied social media promotion techniques.

Social sharing with press releases

When developing a press release, you should try to extend the message through social sharing. These days, journalists focus on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook to research for stories.

Social campaigns focussing on client case studies

Many PR companies develop client case studies to highlight the success rates and bring credibility to the platform. Most people do not like to spend time to read long write-ups. You can share the essential facts from the customer’s success story and highlight them across the social media.

So, the next time when you are collecting client testimonials and developing case studies, do interviews of clients’ on-camera. Then, these interviews can be shared on Youtube.

Share stories on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered as the leading social networking platform, hence a good place to start. Since it now provides a publishing platform, content can be shared quickly and the best part it is reaching to the right audience.

Expert opinions on real time

As domain specific stories offer the social media with ample of opportunities to provide viewpoints of experts and create an instant effect on the audiences. But if you wait for a press release to attract audiences on its own, then surely the opportunity will be missed.

If you have been focussing only on conventional PR tactics, then consider using media relations services.

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  1. In this brave new world, media plays the role of ‘better half’ for public relations. In fact, it is all about the media. The changing times have witnessed the emergence of new business models. The bottom line is that media is responsible for generating news, opinion and other forms of content. Engagement, experience and influence are the current buzzwords.

    So, even if monitoring is taking place, it’s with a view to achieve what we want.

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