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Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Solutions

Grow your business with content marketing solutions

Communicating the right message at the right time is the driving force behind successful content marketing solutions.  The strategy is created by chalking out the definition of buyer personas and finding questions raised during the purchasing process. Then it allows the stakeholders to understand which type of content – blogs, infographics or video tutorials – are positioned to answer these questions.

The foundation of content strategy can only be attained once these elements are given a proper definition.

Why you need content marketing services?

Nobody likes the concept of selling. This is the reason why we tune out ads, fast forward commercials and pay least attention to sales pitches. This is one of the reasons why the demand for content is higher than ever. Nowadays, buyers take decision about their purchases before they get in touch with a firm – and that’s where content marketing comes in handy.

Research proves that over 60% of consumers prefer to buy from enterprises that provide custom content. Brands that are able to educate potential customers have better chances of earning trust and credibility.

How Popkorn Communications can help you

We at Popkorn believe that flexibility is important for a successful campaign. Our specialised  team undertakes regular assessments of activities, reviews competitor’s activity and creates plans accordingly.

Irrespective of the content mix, whenever a purchaser visits your website, he/should be able to identify fresh content. An entertaining learning experience has the ability to bring audiences back to your company. This should be the driving force behind a successful content strategy.

Changing dynamics of content marketing in India

In the past few years, content is deciding the marketing budget in enterprises across India due to its capability to augment lead generation and lead nurturing.

At Popkorn Communications, we develop and disburse visually attractive content. It is enjoyed by our clients because they learn, get inspired and then share it. Our content marketing solutions are for businesses lacking time and resources to do it in-house.

We are a digital creative agency. We plan, produce and promote digital content that people desire for.

Our approach –

  • We help our clients identify, reach and influence their audience base with ideally suited content formats.
  • We are driven by the motto to create innovative content to help our customers communicate with their target audience effectively.
  • We understand our client’s content goals and use distribution strategies firmly aligned with their budget.

While public relations and advertising allow you to create an online presence, content marketing helps you own it. Only efficient content marketing helps a brand to create enduring relationship with their clients.

Why choose us
India-based Popkorn Communications is an integrated public relations and digital marketing agency. We understand that online PR is one of the most cost efficient marketing approaches adopted by all kind of businesses today. As we thrive on good challenge, our cross-channel digital marketing services help build brands.