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Media Relations Management

Media relations services

Media relations services help publicize your brand

Perception and reality are in direct conflict with each other in the media relations domain. Approximately 50% of the paid media (comprising professional bloggers and journalists) do not read the releases that are sent to them. So, the big question is how to earn coverage? The onus comes on efficient communication specialist firms to create effective media relations campaign that influences the key stakeholders.

PopKorn Communications positioned as the provider of media relations management services functions with the determination to deliver the best in advocacy. We are driven by the desire to offer our clientele a competitive edge that is unparalleled.

How media relations management can help

Wondering why your firm isn’t grabbing enough eyeballs? Managing it is an essential ingredient of public relations domain. Popkorn Communications understands how the media functions and realizes the relevance of employing a proactive and reactive approach towards media relations.

We believe in approaching the right media companies with the most appropriate message as media relations is our core strength.

What sets us apart

We play the role of a communications specialist eyeing for proactive media opportunities. At Popkorn, our team creates and executes an integrated campaign with the mix of customized PR opportunities when the clients want their message to be twitted, broadcast, posted or printed. We offer our clients with all necessary support by working as an extension of their team.

We have cultivated strong relationships with bloggers, media professionals, influencers and publishers. The agency briefs the journalists and use media releases for communicating a message. Our team takes time to understand the business objectives so that using the media to client’s advantage becomes easy.

Apart from our specialized media relations services, we also focus on developing corporate strategy, marketing initiatives and social media messages. We are positioned to tell our clients how to maximize the impact of results.

Our capabilities –
•    Tailored campaign development.
•    Extensive media contact list.
•    Deep understanding of industry news and trends.
•    Delivering creative concepts.
•    Easy integration of social media activity.
•    Professional and driven by result.

Our broader communications skills and experience means we are capable to use the media attention across the client’s whole marketing strategy.

As an integrated communications agency with head office in Delhi, India, our core offering also include public relations services, reputation management, crisis management and brand promotion.