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Online PR Services

Online PR services

Evolving business landscape with online public relations

Successful integration of PR, search and varied kind of social media activities can amplify the effectiveness of campaigns considerably. Popkorn Communications offers online public relations (PR) services that can combine relevant traditional and technology practices to provide in depth functionality and influence the consumers greatly.

Why online PR services assume relevance

In the last five years, the media landscape has witnessed dramatic change. The ability of the readers to find relevant news and share it online is making the media companies following traditional approach face the heat.

The Internet is responsible for fast evolving newer meanings of phrases like ‘mass media’. The current age of mass media is fragmented and real-time. Nowadays, getting a quick coverage is not an easy task. As journalists these days do not have the time and necessary resources to cover all stories, some amazing digital PR opportunities have come to the forefront.

Make the most out of Popkorn Communications approach towards public relations services

We have been managing international and domestic digital PR campaigns by successfully incorporating solutions like social search, SEO optimized content for large enterprises and growth-oriented startups.

The digital approach is better equipped to provide its customers a wider reach across online and offline sources. Although, both a digital and conventional agency share the same communication objectives but the key differentiator is the approach adopted for resolving a marketing problem. Traditional PR is a one-way conversation in which brand presents essential messages for core audiences, while the digital medium enjoys the advantage of multiple channels.

Online public relations offer advantageous opportunities for all type of businesses, irrespective of sector or service. By inking relationships with bigwig online media outlets and famous bloggers, we can make the digital identity of any brand.

We spent time to understand the varied nuances and minute details of your business. Some of the key areas, we focus on

  • Relevance and emerging trends in the market.
  • Effect of seasonality on the market.
  • Different stages in the buying cycle of consumers.
  • USP of the company.

As businesses are concerned about the evolving nature of effective PR services’ definition, we initiated a discovery process for our clients – finding the most efficient ways of disbursing the content and getting the most relevant messages.

We continue maximizing the value of stories once the content has been published by analyzing the results and refining the process.

As a New-Delhi based firm with roots spread across eCommerce and web development, we enjoy the technical skills required to manage and analyze your online PR campaigns and enhance the reputation of your business.

Experts at Popkorn believe that current age communication needs to follow two-way conversation as we realize the inherent overlapping of public relations services with brand marketing. This approach has proved helpful in meeting the objective of our entrepreneur clients. Brand awareness is crucial for startups as it helps in gaining faster market traction.

We understand that startup public relations can’t follow the same approach which is being used for established companies. So, instead of using the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, our team finds your unique business objectives before crafting a PR strategy.