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PR for Startups

PR agency for startups business

Public Relations (PR) for startups: securing favorable media coverage

Targeted media coverage helps position the name of a business in some of the most influential titles around. A great public relations strategy has the ability to protect a brand and talk about the benefits of a business. While large enterprises require PR to protect their brand, PR for startups helps in the creation of brand name.

As Popkorn Communications desire to work in the energizing space of startups, hence it crafted special out of the box services just for the entrepreneurial ventures.

Affordable and proven PR results with Popkorn Communications

An effective PR campaign can enhance the reputation of a growth-oriented small company. At Popkorn, we have identified the need for delivering measurable results to our small and medium enterprises (SME) clients. Hence, our approach towards PR for startups is treating every brand we work with as our own.

Popkorn uses its invaluable expertise across wide variety of business domains to deliver newsworthy content in the right format at the appropriate time has helped giving a new dimension to public relations for startups.

Popkorn Communications and startup public relations: A perfect match

The company is driven by the passion to assist the growth of a business through publicity, visibility and awareness. Our desire to work extensively in the SME domain lead to the unveiling of startup PR services for the clients.

We offer collaboration of PR and marketing services to startup ventures, irrespective of size and industry. Our aim is to help clients attain high traffic, exponential growth and widespread brand recognition.

Our solutions help –

  • Conceptualize an internet marketing strategy to help clients bag more profit from web.
  • Create awareness about the startups profile in media.
  • Positioning of new products/services.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of advertising to improve brand value.
  • Bring value into client’s business using online startup PR tools so that it becomes worth acquisition.
  • Fledging businesses access to experienced PR consultants.
  • Meet consumers demand.
  • Improve internal communications.

We provide the complete marketing mix for early stage companies comprising brand building, market research, direct marketing initiatives, copy writing, literature creation, event management, etc. What makes us unique is our focus on creating an impact with effective marketing tools.

As the domain of public relations for startups focus on building ties with media and industry influencer communities, Popkorn Communications has been solidifying trust and influencing audiences’ behavior through their PR services.