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Brand makeover: Key tips to follow

Rebranding or brand repositioning is a process usually taken up by businesses/conglomerates whose role in the marketplace have transformed and evolved with time exponentially. Brand makeover aims to alter perceptions – both internal and external. Public Relations agencies in India are in favour of brand reinvention as […]

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Branding: a bare necessity?

Marketing never has the perfect product to sell or limitless resources to deploy. There’s never a perfect market and monopoly. By and large, it is an ancient practice. No brand is always sure of the audience perception and there’s always an apprehension of a ‘swing’. The swing […]

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Top Brand Positioning Strategies for Businesses to Stay Ahead

It’s no secret that every successful brand goes through positioning exercises. And this is becoming all the more important, when businesses across the globe are witnessing consistent decline in brand loyalty. As creating a robust clientele base has become a complete essential for every business, the demand […]

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Power your Business Through Brand Promotion Activities

Every business faces difficulty in becoming a known brand. There are different brand promotion activities that can quickly enhance your brand’s image. Irrespective of the product offering, services or size, every company needs relevant and creative brand promotional ideas that will help them attain the right position […]

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How to Increase Brand Awareness

It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner and eyeing to promote your business on the Internet or inclined towards Internet marketing, you aim to position your brand to create a lasting impression on the audiences. Every organization’s ultimate goal is to make the target market […]

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