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Relevance of the role of media in public relations

In the current market scenario, both media and public relations (PR) have been found to be closely intertwined. But, it doesn’t mean that the role of media in public relations is static in any way. As we move further to examine the changing relationship between media and […]

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A look at the Importance of Media Relations in an Organization

Many say that online media is responsible for revolutionising the public relations (PR) domain, but at the same time the importance of media relations continue to remain vital. So, what does media relations stand for? It comprises liasing directly with the people creating news. Hence, the ultimate […]

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An Overview on Digital Public Relations

In the past few years, public relations (PR) has undergone major changes and altered the way marketers view the services. Market experts came to the conclusion that PR cannot function independently in a silo. In fact, it came to the forefront that PR professionals should have multi-disciplinary […]

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