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Definitive guide to Public Relations

The dynamics of Public Relations is fast changing. The industry has often been found to be intimidating in its approach, especially for those who do not practice it. PR is no more cut and dry as it used to be in the past. In the current scenario, […]

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Key challenges faced by Public Relations in 2015

The 21st century has brought on a new sunrise for the Public Relations domain. Although, the Internet has reinvented the idea of putting a message forward, it has become difficult to be heard amidst the din of several messages leading to cacophony. An ineffective PR message has […]

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Why the Importance of Public Relations for Startups can’t be Ignored

Often dubbed as ‘free advertising’ by startups, the role played by public relations (PR) is crucial. Although, public relations has been thriving as an industry, but there are many companies that fail to comprehend the actual relevance. Nobody can deny the fact that multinationals are making it […]

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What is Crisis Management in Public Relations?

Every organization is vulnerable to threats and prone to crisis. Any PR practitioner who is responsible for handling a crisis, needs to first understand what are the potential threats and crisis situation the organization may encounter. Only then, setting up infrastructure in accordance to it can be […]

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Implementing an Effective PR Campaign Plan

Internet and its relevance can’t be denied by anyone as it is pushing individuals to move towards entrepreneurship and start their own ventures. When the startups try to generate media attention and publicity for their brand, they are surrounded by a bunch of common misconceptions. This is […]

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