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Key content marketing trends that will dominate 2017

As we are winding up the year 2016, varied enterprises have initiated the process of creating their content marketing budgets. Over the year, the market has undergone a dramatic transformation. Once dominated by those who were able to create the largest volume of content, it has now […]

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How Public Relations will look like by 2020

A majority of PR professionals feel public relations as a domain will undergo a major transformation in the coming few years. Apart from its existing capacity, the role of a public relations agency is expected to evolve into one that works beyond the realms of publicity and […]

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What are the four P’s of PR?

PR is all about managing the communication flow between a company and its publics. Right? Absolutely! It’s easy? No way!  PR can become quite tricky and a potential ticking time bomb if the communication flow is not properly managed. While Public Relations continues to take the centre […]

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Tracing the evolution of Public Relations

Technology infusion. Social media. Changing people’s perception. Forces responsible for the transformation the way PR, as an industry domain, has changed in functionality. They are acting as the biggest factors how PR operates in the present day as compared to the yester years. So, how does the […]

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How B2B marketers should use Facebook to reach audiences

There’s a growing interest among the B2B crowd for Facebook advertising. The number’s on a high and leaving the B2C marketers behind. Once not even considered by B2B,  Facebook is becoming a must-have for the segment because of its ability to offer a multitude of features – […]

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