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Amplifying product reach via social media

It is often said unveiling a product is easy but getting people interested is the real job when companies are vying for viable opportunities to expand their reach. This is one of the major reasons why many businesses prefer to avail the services of a PR agency […]

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The Social Media transformation of Public Relations

Just like everything else, PR has evolved with time. With the advancement of technology and emergence of social media, it has been realised that PR as a discipline has transformed dramatically. Long gone are those days when PR professionals were solely dependent on the traditional media – […]

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Key trends that will define how businesses leverage social channels in 2017

To say social media is evolving at an exponential speed is to state the most obvious. What’s remarkable is its ability to break down barriers and become a bare necessity. With over 60% of adults logged on to Facebook every single day, the figure is expected to […]

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How to choose social channels most suitable for your business

Did you know social media drives more than 30% of the referral traffic on the Internet and Facebook has a major pie-share of this traffic? Data plays an integral role in the growing share of social traffic. As per recent global findings, 90% entrepreneurs and small business […]

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Hashtags basics: How to make it work for businesses

All of you who use Twitter must have either seen or used a hastag. But do know how and where to use it that can drive your business by significant numbers? Learning the basics of hashtags is crucial if you want to stand out in the crowd […]

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