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Are you aware of these key DIY PR tips

Public Relations is a daunting and time-consuming task when you do not do it for living. Although PR is considered a powerful promotional tool but people still prefer to opt for advertising due to its ability to offer quick coverage. There is a reason why the PR […]

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How the Public Relations domain should reinvent itself

In the constantly shifting digital arena, the Public Relations industry is facing tremendous pressure to display outstanding performance. In the past few months, the leading PR firms have encountered a series of challenges such as evolving from pitching to informing, achieving control to credibility, initiating to continuing […]

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Leveraging Social Media to ensure Public Relations success

Without a second thought, the Web and Social Media are increasingly helping business conglomerates, irrespective of their size and domain, to engage in effective communication with their target audiences.  Over the years, a marked delineation between Marketing and Public Relations is increasingly becoming prominent. The growing impact […]

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