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Top digital marketing strategy hacks every business can benefit from

DigitalDo you regularly evaluate your website from the client perspective? Should you follow a particular timeframe to launch a new website, software solution or even a new program to improve performance? It is possible that your website has broken graphics or links that hamper your business prospects in the present and will do so in the near future as well. This is where a stringent Digital Marketing strategy can play a pivotal role in the easy management of systems and assets on a regular basis.

It’s true that the world of Digital Marketing is making a big impact, but not all the businesses are fortunate enough to taste the glory. There are innumerable start-ups and MNCs toiling hard to touch the desired milestone, but only the best ones have been successful in getting better year-over-year.

Although the Digital Marketing domain is rapidly evolving, there are certain fundamental skill sets that ensure full-sail success in the long term. In fact, working in close collaboration with India’s top Digital Marketing agency will ensure that your business is prepared for the worst crisis. A skilled Digital Marketer enjoys a keen understanding of Google Analytics, AdWords, Email, Social Media and more to ensure if anything needs to be updated, streamlined or improved as small changes make a big difference in the long run.

So, the question that needs to be answered is – How to create a differentiation between the top-notch and the mediocre? What works in the long run- efficient digital marketing strategies or an SEO expert using the right tactics? Online marketers are the safest bet, but what boosts leadership position is the ability to identify the latest trends and following them.

Realising that Digital Marketing is here to stay and will continue to boost its stronghold, we have posted some crucial strategy hacks that will move the needle for your business.

ContentContent not bound by time always works

One-time pieces are a complete no-no. Evergreen content can be used at any given point for promotion and will help to save money and time. It also ensures that you don’t have to develop content for new campaigns for every quarter. In fact, evergreen content works for seasonal campaigns as well and ensures that you spend time on reinventing the wheel. Moreover, consistent elements help to strengthen brand image. This tactic is effective when a company’s product is made available to the customers on an annual basis.

Minimising your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expenditure

We understand that SEM implementation is important for your business to attract audiences. But, over a period of time, it can lose its relevance if not used efficiently. Hence, we suggest undertaking regular reviews to find out which keywords are working and which aren’t.

Optimisation of follow-up emails

Is your business sending out transactional emails to the clients? In fact, a call-to-action can be made part of an electronic receipt asking the clients to share their day to day experience. When every email is optimised, improvement can be witnessed across engagement and marketing.

Auditing the landing pages and search ads

Search ads and landing pages demand periodic auditing for maintaining improvement in messaging, colour scheme and the promotions offered. This assumes greater relevance when internal brand standards undergo changes. It is believed that minor mistakes such as out-of-date landing pages or mismatched ad/landing page pairings can hamper the ad expenditure.

Every business owner needs to ensure that all the existing links on the landing pages are functional and the displayed ads are relevant. You can either do this in-house or outsource the work to a skilled SEO expert for guaranteed results. We bet that your organisation will be able to make worthwhile savings in the shortest possible time.

optimisation of pricesConsistent optimisation of prices

There are business enterprises that stress on getting leads and clients but fail to create an impact where pricing is concerned. To optimise pricing, it is essential that businesses quantify the buyer personas, initiate the pricing process and review it.

Creation of swipe file

A common practice followed by the copywriters is using a swipe file to keep best performing content for future use. So, if you come across an impressive pricing page, take a snapshot of it and save it for marketing inspiration.

Well planned pricingWell-planned pricing page

The pricing page is important as this is what the clients visit most often when they finalise their purchasing, so never goof up here. A well-planned pricing page emphasising on the key elements helps clients take a well-informed decision and boost sales.

Streamlining of the checkout page

There are varied ways to optimise the checkout page so that the last-minute conversations improve with time. No business should force their clients to sign-up for an account instead, it should focus on hassle-free checkout when they are trying to make a purchase. Experts suggest that testimonials should be made available helping the clients make better purchasing decisions. The design of the checkout page should comprise of all the crucial nuances for best results.

Recognising influential partners

Businesses with robust brand evangelists should be publicly acknowledged. Recognising the efforts made by the influential partners helps to drive sales.

Initiating client retention strategies

Client servicing isn’t often given due importance as a key part of marketing. But the sales funnel isn’t complete until it secures repeat business opportunities and referrals. Reports suggest that 2% rise in client retention has the ability to lower costs by 10% approximately.

An efficient marketing strategy does not require a six-month time schedule and a five-person team. Implementing small digital marketing strategy hacks are more than enough to encapsulate sales, growth and boost client satisfaction level.

Do you want to mention any important digital marketing hack which we missed out on? Please share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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