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Top global PR trends of 2015

Top global PR trendsPR is an effective way to bag relevant exposure, fuel the marketing funnel and boost brand visibility all at the same time. With consistent change occurring in the marketing domain, PR initiatives need to maintain pace with the change in demands. Research proves that on an average audiences come across up to almost 5,000 marketing messages on an everyday basis, which is a classic case of overloaded information.

So, what should a brand do to get noticed and break through all the noise?

PR is the solution to reach your audiences and make an impact in the shortest time span possible. In fact, many say that PR is a great way to use the credibility of earned media in strengthening the presence of a brand in the minds of both the existing and potential clients.

We understand that keeping a tab of the PR and marketing trends requires immense effort. In a scenario where business owners want to give their marketing campaign a significant boost, understanding the relevant PR trends of 2015 is important so that cutting through the clutter and bringing more value to their brand isn’t a tough job.

After all, planning in advance is a good idea as it proves helpful to stay ahead of competition.  

  • Mobile marketing Witnessing Rapid Expansion

2014 was the year when mobile marketing made a big splash and this trend continues to make it big this year as well. With the growing count of smartphone users, the relevance of mobile marketing is gaining mileage at a rapid pace. As the audiences enjoy greater access, taking care of the recent trends such as developing apps and ensuring availability of mobile customer service is important.

  • Strengthened Focus on Quality Content

Top brands always stress on the relevance of quality content. This approach is growing at a rapid scale in 2015 as brands focus on quality rather than pushing quantity. The growing demand for quality content has witnessed growth as stakeholders prefer quality content while clients want content that is entertaining and engaging as well.

  • Enhanced Exclusiveness of Social Media Influence

2015 is witnessing the low-quality influencers losing their stronghold as part of the main media group.  Reclaiming influence is one of the emerging PR trends of this year.

  • Evolving Nature of Press Releases

In recent years, most of the marketing collaterals are laying emphasis on a social and personal approach. This is pushing businesses to rethink the presentation style of press releases. 2015 is witnessing press releases getting a makeover to successfully grab attention of the media, clients, and investors. The demand for compelling content has made it big this year.

  • Increased Emphasis on Paid Advertising

Social media experts have stated that one of the ways brands are bolstering their presence in 2015 is by opting for paid advertisements. To attract the attention of the right people, great content is not enough. Many companies this year are strategising their campaigns to strengthen their reach across social media platforms.

  • Growing Importance of Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing has emerged as a must-use strategy. With the increased number of media outlets, more brands have turned to social media for achieving the best results. Opinion sharing and being available for real-time interactions is what the audiences are looking for in 2015.

  • Untamed Popularity of Visual Content

This year, more businesses are spending time and budget to create appropriate visual content, primarily videos. Among the most visible trends this year, advertising through videos is being most commonly used to educate the viewers. This is one of the reasons why educational video content, with a focus on infographics and slideshows is making its presence felt in 2015.

Experts believe the key to the ever altering PR domain is modifying the original plans in accordance with the demands of the industry. Inculcating new ideas and strategies and figuring out what works is the best way to stand out in the world of Public Relations.

Not all PR agencies are able to successfully bag the benefits of these trends, but the sooner they adhere to them, the smarter they will eventually prove to be.

  1. One of the major social media PR trends we see is that of the customers as brand advocates, some would call them fans or superfans. We know that these followers on Twitter and Facebook love to share those posts that are relevant and intriguing to them. They help spread our clients’ or brands’ word for them. And for this we must thank, re-tweet and show them love whenever we can.

  2. Another heavy hitter as far as social media PR trends go is somewhat more of a tactic and that is infographics. You know, those cool and colorful eye-catching diagrams that explain everything about everything. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I would venture to say that infographics rank in the hundreds of thousands, considering that they are generated by and often include huge amounts of very useful data too.

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